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El Paso Electric Co. (EE)

  • Aaron Barton | Send Message 10 Feb

    El Paso Electric - A Regional Utility Worth Considering $EE
      • Tony Kau | Send Message 25 Apr 2013

        $EE nice run, but looking for exhaustion here - I even see a doji right now. TE Score -10!
          • David White | Send Message 4 Oct 2012

            A S/W engr. can probably understand HFT decently without a lot of extra education. But even an EE might not. They take few S/W classes.
              • David White | Send Message 28 Sep 2012

                Clarification: Stanford put pressure on their EE's to learn S/W skills before they graduated. Many other EE programs do not.
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                • wenlock00 | Send Message 28 Sep 2012
                  : amazing how many senior execs do not understand technology and their companies might die because of that. #internet
                  • David White | Send Message 27 Sep 2012

                    1 class I took at Stanford, about 1/3 got D's & F's. I bet parents were paying the tuition for a lot of those D's & F's. EE's in a S/W class
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                    • westcoastinvests | Send Message 27 Sep 2012
                      : That is an odd bell curve distribution of grades.
                    • David White | Send Message 27 Sep 2012
                      : It was very odd for Stanford, which usually has a much higher curve. It was the last required S/W course for EE's. They make it tough.
                      • ZetaKap | Send Message 6 Jun 2012

                        8 Utility Stocks With Solid Earnings Warranting Analyst Confidence $AWK $AWR $CTWS $EE $EQT $ITC $NFG $WTR @ZetaKap
                          • Michael Bryant | Send Message 29 Apr 2012

                            Watch Five Star Quality Care (FVE), Bridgepoint Education (BPI), Clean Harbors (CLH), & El Paso Electric (EE) this week. Earning reports.
                              • Tony Kau | Send Message 8 Feb 2012

                                $AOS $XLK looking to turn south, $EE $AEM looking buoyant.
                                  • Pierr Johnson | Send Message 7 Feb 2012

                                    To Micron's Steve Appleton, who died pursuing his love of flying, having achieved so much with this company. See the EE Times memorial today
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                                    • realornot | Send Message 7 Feb 2012
                                      : sad very sad. 1st - Steve Jobs and now APPLEton... Maybe AAPL should acquire MU .
                                      • talbano | Send Message 27 Dec 2011

                                        FYI- you can no longer buy EE bonds from banks anymore - My unc ex treas agent told me they now require you to open an account wt/treasury
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                                        • greggw3 | Send Message 28 Dec 2011
                                        • talbano | Send Message 28 Dec 2011
                                          : thanks funny my cousin who works for the treasury is named greg
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                                          Company Description
                                          El Paso Electric Co is a public utility company. The Company is engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in west Texas and southern New Mexico.
                                          Sector: Utilities
                                          Country: United States