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Enbridge Energy Management, L.L.C. (EEQ)

  • Quantified Alpha | Send Message 19 Dec 2014

    Which energy stocks have fared the best during the oil slump? $TCP $ATHL $KMI $EPB $DRC $EEP $TSO $EEQ ...
      • Stephen Simpson, CFA | Send Message 25 Jun 2014

        Enbridge Energy Partners Working A Tricky Balance $EEP, $EEQ
          • Marek | Send Message 29 Apr 2014

            What's up with $EEQ? Has been on a tear the last few days and up from 27 to over 29.50.
              • Sumflow | Send Message 22 Feb 2014

                Barrons is bearish see: on $KMR $KMR $KMI and $EPB. $BWP $LINE $DNR $EPD $MWE $SEP $LNCO $EEQ
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                • Scooter-Pop | Send Message 26 Feb 2014
                  : I'm buying some of these on this Barrons Dip. Hope my investment is not a pair of "Kicking Myself Shoe"?
                • abluesman2 | Send Message 26 Feb 2014
                  : Barrons has been bearish on $LINE, $LNCO for a long time. Thanks for the buy ops.
                  • Philip Trinder | Send Message 14 Sep 2013
                      • weed | Send Message 10 Sep 2013

                        $EEQ buying opportunity?
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                        • weed | Send Message 10 Sep 2013
                          : Think I'll hold what I have and let it auto-DRIP. It's been disappointing.
                        • Energysystems | Send Message 10 Sep 2013
                          : Yeah it hasn't done anything yet for me, but I'm looking long term with this, 3-5 years out should be a solid return.
                          • Energysystems | Send Message 9 Sep 2013

                            $EEQ to offer 8M shares, proceeds will be used to invest in an equal number of i-units of Enbridge Energy Partners($EEP).
                              • Sumflow | Send Message 27 May 2013

                                Ida Tarbell on Standard Oil Pipelines $BPL, $EEP, $EEQ, $HEP, $MMP, $MPC, $MPLX, $NS, $PAA, $SXL
                                  • jvix | Send Message 8 May 2013

                                    $EEQ/$EEP up over 3% on $ENB earnings beat
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                                    • Energysystems | Send Message 8 May 2013
                                      : I'm happy with just the giant distributions, but share appreciation would be gravy.
                                    • DAG Investments | Send Message 8 May 2013
                                      : Yes, the $EEP bounce probably has more to do with the $1.2 billion than the earnings
                                      • jvix | Send Message 22 Mar 2013

                                        $EEQ still going up since secondary on 2/25.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Enbridge Energy Management LLC is a publicly traded limited liability company that manages and controls the business and affairs of Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P., a master limited partnership that engages in transportation and distribution of energy.