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Wells Fargo Advantage Global Dividend Opportunity Fund (EOD)

  • atlgamma | Send Message 25 Feb 2014

    When is the windfall from VOD going to be paid out in dividends to $EOD stockholders?
      • atlgamma | Send Message 25 Feb 2014

        Since Verizon has now returned $85 Billion to Vodofone shareholders, and $EOD has a large stake of VOD, when will we see a special dividend?
          • vinyal | Send Message 16 Nov 2012

            Bonds dollar still going higher. this bounce will not survive EOD
              • iadops40 | Send Message 22 Oct 2012

                wow, look at this EOD rally! certainly not what I was expecting today...
                  • Hillbilly Stock Star | Send Message 10 Sep 2012

                    VDC, UL, DAL,.........bought EOD, wish me luck! Long.
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                    • Ocean Man | Send Message 10 Sep 2012
                      : Nice pullback on UL, I like that one.
                    • Hillbilly Stock Star | Send Message 11 Sep 2012
                      : UL......I like there new plan, fingers crossed, Long.
                      • Jeff Pierce | Send Message 6 Sep 2012

                        TBT has such a gappy chart. One strategy upon 1st glance is to buy/sell the direction of the gap and close EOD.
                          • Daniel Banaszak | Send Message 6 Sep 2012

                            Face ripping left and right. We are on pace for 1450 EOD in the S&P.
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                            • realornot | Send Message 6 Sep 2012
                              : 1450????? unlimited! Not even Einstein believe in the concept of infinity!
                              • Daniel Banaszak | Send Message 31 Aug 2012

                                S&P 1420 EOD.
                                  • Bret Kenwell | Send Message 21 Aug 2012

                                    I'm bearish, that's a given. But Market coughing up 70+ points to be red right now? I say if red EOD, = sell MOC.
                                      • Codespeed | Send Message 31 Jul 2012

                                        In early bull markets, stocks start slow and pick up towards end. In early bear markets, stocks start high and rally fades towards EOD.
                                          EOD vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Under normal market conditions, the Fund will pursue its investment objectives by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of common and/or preferred stocks of U.S. and non-U.S. companies and other equity securities that Crow Point Partners, LLC (the