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EOG Resources, Inc. (EOG)

  • wazzaofwallst | Send Message 12h

    EOG Resources's #CEO, #management team and board $EOG:
      • Stephen Brocker | Send Message 25 Jul

        $USO $BNO $CHK $COP $XOM $CVX $ESV $RIG $SDRL $HES $PXD $EOG $SWN Great oil article
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        • stasdelaware | Send Message 25 Jul
          : Thanks.
          • Callum Turcan | Send Message 23 Jul

            As $CPE Callon Petroleum shifts to Lower Spraberry From Wolfcamp, others may follow suit $XOM $CVX $EOG
              • Callum Turcan | Send Message 23 Jul

                $HES To report on July 29, watch for a possible upwards revision in its production guidance $EOG $CLR $COP
                  • Clayton Rulli | Send Message 20 Jul

                    back in $EOG .. BTO July 31 80 call for 1.15. All we need is a buyout from XOM. LOLOL
                      • Hope128 | Send Message 20 Jul

                        $CVX and $SLB turned green, $EOG is still down 3x $XLE.
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                        • x oil -field | Send Message 20 Jul
                          : *
                        • Hope128 | Send Message 21 Jul
                          : $EOG is again a dog.
                          • wazzaofwallst | Send Message 18 Jul

                            $EOG CEO compensation and management tenure is certainly an interesting one:
                              • det9 | Send Message 17 Jul

                                Added to $EOG 80.3
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                                • smitsky | Send Message 18 Jul
                                  : ST, here's some news on $PTEN:
                                • x oil -field | Send Message 20 Jul
                                  : *
                                  • Hope128 | Send Message 13 Jul

                                    Why is $EOG so weak? For 2 straight days it is red while other oil majors are green. No position but feel puzzled...
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                                    • det9 | Send Message 13 Jul
                                      : Would be watching oils tmrw closely .. We have a "final" deadline finally :)
                                    • Hope128 | Send Message 14 Jul
                                      : Wish I had waited a little bit longer on $SLB, but it is what it is. ER is 7/16, don't like to take that risk.
                                      • Value Ideas | Send Message 9 Jul

                                        Why The Weakness In Shares Of EOG Resources Is A Buying Opportunity, In 5 Charts $EOG
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                                          Company Description
                                          EOG Resources Inc explores for, develops, produces and markets crude oil and natural gasin the USA, Trinidad, United Kingdom, China, Argentina and, from time to time, select other international areas.