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Emerald Oil, Inc. (EOX)

  • Scalpthatstock | Send Message 27 May

    Key Level to Watch on Emerald Oil for May 28 2015 $EOX
      • beleggersclub | Send Message 27 May

        SHORT $EOX at Price: 6.20 Cover: 6.52, Loss: 5.2% Target S1: 5.58, Profit: 10.4%
          • Shiraz Lakhi | Send Message 27 May

            Energy #Stocks Trading UP > 2% On STRONG Relative-Volume: $EOX $FRO $HNR $NGS $ANW ++
              • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 26 May

                $EOX: what a total joke, but finally did something right. Guessing White Deer finally stepped up & gave orders. Next step: boot management.
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                • and1baller | Send Message 28 May
                  : I'm debating taking the 60% loss and moving on. But i don't want it jumping up in the next few weeks and feeling like an idiot. Any advice?
                • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 28 May
                  : Can't advise that... I sold off over half my position a couple weeks ago for a sizable loss though. Sometimes it's better to move on.
                  • Elephant Analytics | Send Message 22 May

                    Emerald Oil - Busy With Acquisitions And Share Offerings $EOX
                      • and1baller | Send Message 22 May

                        $EOX Bankruptcy here we COME!!!! I've lost 75% on this investment. Warning to anyone thinking this stock is cheap. IT'S NOT. It's a DISASTER
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                        • and1baller | Send Message 23 May
                          : I don't even understand how the claim assets to be valued at 659 million. Has their been an indapendent valuation done for these guys?
                        • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 25 May
                          : Funny thing is that it's a 20-1 reverse split, but the stock price went down 40-1!!! Ouch!
                          • janeos | Send Message 21 May

                            $EOX consolidation. Oh joy!
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                            • flyerguy1300 | Send Message 21 May
                              : Worst decision they could have made!!
                              • Jack Banser | Send Message 11 May

                                $EOX seems confident dropping $75M on new acreage in the Delaware Basin
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                                • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 25 May
                                  : Regardless, you bought super high. I got in around December- horrendous mistake. Management doesn't care about shareholders at all.
                                • Jack Banser | Send Message 25 May
                                  : I'm not saying that I didn't. I took a hefty loss. I didn't see oil halving.
                                  • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 11 May

                                    Sold 50% of $EOX stake for $0.727, loss of 38% in 6 months. Made a poor decision here.
                                      • timtrading | Send Message 8 May

                                        $EOX -16% bearish engulfing
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                                          Company Description
                                          Emerald Oil Inc is an independent exploration and production company. The Company is engaged in acquiring acreage and developing oil and natural gas wells in the Williston Basin of North Dakota and Montana.