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Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERII)

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    $ERII. amazing that this thing pops when an article on seeking alpha comes out. almost as if there is a leak of information on this site.
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        Interview With Energy Recovery CEO Joel Gay $ERII
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                $ERII Can anyone explain the 5Mil Volume and no price movement at the end of today. How do that many shares trade in sec or min with ....
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                • tromur | Send Message 26 Jun
                  : ... no price movement. Private deal? Dilution? Is this bearish or bullish?
                • GrowthGeek | Send Message 29 Jun
                  : micro caps getting punished with shaky market--thank the Greeks
                  • Michael Fitzsimmons | Send Message 19 May

                    Energy Recovery: Fresh Water Is Being Taken For Granted $ERII
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                        Story stock $CLIR has good news today; now time for $MNKD, $ERII, $NTCXF and $SZYM to "fulfill their destinies" and follow suit.
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                          : Q1 results etc...
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                          : I was referring to MNKD
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                            "Story Stocks" take a lot of intestinal fortitude! $ERII, $SZYM, $CLIR and $MNKD
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                              : and now I have waay to much
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                              : Ah. I had $EYES for a bit. The risk/reward on $OVAS is ridiculous but so is the stock.
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                                The Next Steps For Energy Recovery $ERII
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                                    $ERII Who,What,When,Where, & How?
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                                      : Best *guess* is someone took a large stake
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                                        $ERII two revenue generating deals announced recently and one in the oil and gas industry. Good long term play.
                                          ERII vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Energy Recovery Inc is engaged in designing, developing, and manufacturing of energy recovery devices that transform untapped energy into reusable energy from industrial fluid flows and pressure cycles.