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Finjan Holdings, Inc. (FNJN)

  • fidel george | Send Message 14 Jul

    Stocks to watch $OHRP, $ANAC, $VLTC, $ABIO, $GOL, $MPC, $OHGI, $FNJN, $BONT
      • usmi | Send Message 24 Apr

        New High/Low: $RIGL $NPD $DXM $FNJN
          • jdawg888 | Send Message 20 Mar

            $FNJN Or ... from 6 to 2.
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            • losbronces | Send Message 6 Apr
              : I'm shocked that was a Pro article. Well under $2 now, looking a lot like $VRNG that now trades for pennies.
            • jdawg888 | Send Message 6 Apr
              : There is a reason why Performance tracking was in beta, then subsequently eliminated. Difficult to find good stock analysts that make u $$$.
              • jamie001 | Send Message 14 Nov 2014

                anyone any ideas about this stock ? $FNJN
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                • jamie001 | Send Message 21 Nov 2014
                  : not all at once pls..
                • buger13 | Send Message 30 Apr
                  : $FNJNis a very smartoutfit,run by many great expert talent.I see a true cypersecurityfirm similar to $feye apporach
                  • Lisa Thompson | Send Message 13 Nov 2014

                    Finjan: Generates First IP Revenues By Licensing To Websense $FNJN
                      • Roland Rick Perry | Send Message 11 Nov 2014

                        $FNJN "There are real challenges to being a public company...said Harstein.
                          • Lisa Thompson | Send Message 18 Sep 2014

                            Finjan: A Pure Play In Cybersecurity Licensing With Promise $FNJN
                              • MaxCout1234 | Send Message 22 May 2014

                                $FNJN long ?
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                                • losbronces | Send Message 22 May 2014
                                  : Why? Uplisting to NASD hasn't seemed to help, even news that patent reform has been dropped has done nothing.
                                  • Sujan Lahiri | Send Message 8 May 2014

                                    $FNJN press release today. NASDAQ has approved uplisting, will go in effect this monday.
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                                    • fdexter | Send Message 18 Jun 2014
                                      : On account road shows/investor conferences....look for trade volume to increase and watch closely for the grab of any big volume by an IV.
                                    • vfc1955 | Send Message 31 Oct 2014
                                      : Hi Sujan, what is the story with this stock? it just keeps falling.
                                      • Jchris14 | Send Message 2 May 2014

                                        $FNJN .. do you guys think the platform change will add some pop to the stock? what are the future prospects? I read Sujan Lahiri's article
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                                        • JohnHolmesJr | Send Message 5 May 2014
                                          : I think it will get a pop after the uplisting. Many stocks do. More important will be how the case against Fire Eye goes.
                                        • JohnHolmesJr | Send Message 5 May 2014
                                          : We have a strong case against FireEye. I think they will settle rather than risk a big judgement. That will be huge for the stock price.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Finjan is a leading online security and technology company which owns a portfolio of patents, related to software that proactively detects malicious code and thereby protects end-users from identity and data theft, spyware, malware, phishing, trojans and other online threats. Founded in 1997,... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Country: United States