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Fannie Mae (FNMA)

  • xNotreDamex | Send Message 25 Feb

    $FNMA back on the rise. I sold a small chunk on the big spike, bought double what I sold on the dip, and am going to enjoy the ride back up!
      • Hjorleif | Send Message 25 Feb

        Big News: Rep Mike Capuano (D, MA) just put forth the following bill for committee assignment $FNMA
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        • Hjorleif | Send Message 25 Feb
          : together with interest, over a 30-year period, and for other purposes. $FNMA
        • Hjorleif | Send Message 25 Feb
          : You can indicate support for the bill here: $FNMA
          • Glen Bradford | Send Message 22 Feb

            Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Earnings Analysis $FMCC, $FNMA
              • xNotreDamex | Send Message 17 Feb

                $FNMA .... buy it, if you haven't already
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                • xNotreDamex | Send Message 18 Feb
                  : yup, I feel ya. There is still time, you will get volatility for a while as the court cases proceed, ups and downs.
                • hiteshastan | Send Message 18 Feb
                  : Yeah, Just grab another 2K share with $3.25 price. Now average price is $3.52 and 5K shares in total. Still in loss. But taking on FNMA.
                  • pemoj | Send Message 17 Feb

                    $FNMA $FMCC Why money managers are buying up Fannie and Freddie shares.
                      • David Sims | Send Message 11 Feb

                        Fannie And Freddie: Treasury Established Rules In 2008 $FNMA
                          • Glen Bradford | Send Message 9 Feb

                            Treasury Can Void SPSPA With Court Order $FMCC, $FNMA
                              • David Sims | Send Message 4 Feb

                                Fannie And Freddie: Legal Battle Rages On As Shareholders Seek Answers $FNMA, $FMCC
                                  • Fairlight Capital | Send Message 29 Jan

                                    Fannie Mae: The Audacity Of Growth $FNMA
                                      • Travis Brown | Send Message 28 Jan

                                        $FNMA new court ruling in favor - It's called a GSE wind-up -
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                                          Company Description
                                          Fannie Mae is a government-sponsored enterprise that was chartered by Congress in 1938 to support liquidity, stability and affordability in the secondary mortgage market, where existing mortgage-related assets are purchased and sold.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: Savings & Loans
                                          Country: United States