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Fifth Street Finance (FSC)

  • dalatinIJR | Send Message 2 Oct

    Crazy day > paid all obligations & found some $ $FSC at 6.20.We keep increasing monthly $.Everything signed. Flying home to Brazil. ciao all
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    • dalatinIJR | Send Message 2 Oct
      : Sao Paulo.. I have a block in the historic district
    • rodrigosiq | Send Message 5 Oct
      : Nice, I live in Houston now, out of Recife :)
      • William Packer | Send Message 11 Sep

        $MDLY closed at the days high. Uptrend intact. $PSEC, $FSAM, $APO, $FSC, $FSFR, $ARCC, $BDCL, $ACAS, $TCAP, $MAIN, $BLK, $ARES, $HTGC,
          • William Packer | Send Message 8 Sep

            $MDLY leads the BDC sector higher today, up 10.62%. $ARCC, $MAIN, $TCAP, $AINV, $FSC, $FSFR, $PSEC, $ACAS, $TICC, $TCAP, $ARES. $FSAM, $HTGC
              • Vertical Spread | Send Message 7 Sep

                $PSEC and $FSC both suck, accepting all counter-arguments.
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                • dalatinIJR | Send Message 9 Sep
                  : back to FSC The new managers sticking to plan.Better times coming
                • Vertical Spread | Send Message 9 Sep
                  : Best I can see, they are performing share buy-backs, crossing my fingers for some share price strength on that.
                  • Ocean Man | Send Message 6 Sep

                    Ocean Man's Top Ten Picks for 2015 through the end of August: $ALJ +48.3%, $CVRR +26.3%, $CLMT +24.8%, $WNR +16.5%, $FSC -12.7%, $FDX -13.0%
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                    • Ocean Man | Send Message 15 Sep
                      : $XIV is up 27% since September 1st.
                    • MtBudmoreView | Send Message 18 Sep
                      : and there you go! I would like to stay on the train for while if we/re going where I think we're going.
                      • William Packer | Send Message 27 Aug

                        $MDLY and market has bottomed. Economy is good. $PSEC, $MCC, $PNNT, $MAIN, $ARCC, $AINV, $FSAM, $FSC
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                        • William Packer | Send Message 27 Aug
                          : BDCs will go back above NAV now.
                          • William Packer | Send Message 21 Aug

                            Added to stake in $MDLY for client accounts today. Other long/short positions: $FSC, $FSFR, $FSAM, $MDLY $MAIN, $MCC
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                            • William Packer | Send Message 21 Aug
                              : Just makes the most sense.. $MDLY is holding up well in this market and looks like it wants to rally once the broader market D-trend calms.
                            • dalatinIJR | Send Message 21 Aug
                              : PSEC nice an green today
                              • William Packer | Send Message 21 Aug

                                Closed $FSC, FSFR short position today and went long in client accounts. Still short $FSAM for them and long $MDLY. $MAIN
                                  • Albert Alfonso | Send Message 13 Aug

                                    A tad late, but looking at he $FSC report and the numbers look okay. I wonder if $PSEC will see a similar bounce on an okay quarter.
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                                    • Cauchy | Send Message 15 Aug
                                      : $FSC does not own any CLO equity. Nor do they own REITs.
                                      • William Packer | Send Message 11 Aug

                                        Disclosure: My clients have short positions in $FSAM, $FSC, and $FSFR. Long Positions in $MCC, $MDLY, $MAIN, $TCAP
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                                        • William Packer | Send Message 18 Aug
                                          : Also, the public float available for sale is shrinking. From both stock buybacks and dividend reinvestment of institutions+LT retail
                                        • William Packer | Send Message 18 Aug
                                          : So you have an environment that is now very supportive of higher prices due to low supply.
                                          FSC vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Fifth Street Finance Corporation is a a speciality finance company. It invests in small and mid-sized companies in connection with investments by private equity sponsors.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: Credit Services
                                          Country: United States