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Fifth Street Finance (FSC)

  • William Packer | Send Message 27 Feb

    Why I Sold MCC And Bought FSC $FSC, $MCC
      • William Packer | Send Message 26 Feb

        I moved my funds into $FSC from $MCC at the close today. I believe in both companies though. I will update in an article on why i switched.
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        • pokalolo | Send Message 1 Mar
          : I'm buying most BDCs on bad news.I don't acre where the share price goes.I just want payouts &buying after cuts usually works well over time
        • Wine Maker | Send Message 1 Mar
          : Thanks for the link, William. I got FULL after cut at $3.81 and will hold for the last two old dividends, then see where they are in April
          • rodh7858 | Send Message 26 Feb

            $FSC : Sold "stinky" lot from $6.85 -> $7.1 for 3.6% in 2 weeks to reduce BDC exposure. Stinky lot ->
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            • William Packer | Send Message 28 Feb
              : Not always. That is a long story. Rates going up helps many BDCs. Depends on their exposures.
            • William Packer | Send Message 28 Feb
              : FSC, ACSF, MCC.. All benefit from rising rates.. For example.
              • William Packer | Send Message 25 Feb

                "The Risks of Medley Management..." $MDLY, $MCC, $PSEC, $FSC, $AINV, $TICC, $ARCC, $MAIN, $TCAP
                  • BDC Buzz | Send Message 17 Feb

                    Fifth Street Finance: Updated Dividend Stress Test $FSC
                      • Christopher F. Davis | Send Message 13 Feb

               ICYMI More on why its time to pick up Fifth Street Shares $FSC $PSEC
                          • rodh7858 | Send Message 12 Feb

                            $FSC: Was very busy at work. Had a stinky limit order to buy at $6.85 which got filled yesterday to add to my existing position.
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                            • dundey | Send Message 12 Feb
                              : Added at $711 and $6.81 the last few days. Tripled my position.
                            • Wine Maker | Send Message 13 Feb
                              : Chuckles.... too bad it wasn't sizable ;-) Good going anyway!
                              • Scott Kennedy | Send Message 12 Feb

                                Fifth Street Finance's Results For Fiscal Q1 2015 - My Assessment $FSC
                                  • Philip Mause | Send Message 11 Feb

                                    Beaten Down BDCs: Fifth Street Finance $FSC
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                                      FSC vs. ETF Alternatives
                                      Company Description
                                      Fifth Street Finance Corporation is a a speciality finance company. It invests in small and mid-sized companies in connection with investments by private equity sponsors.
                                      Sector: Financial
                                      Industry: Credit Services
                                      Country: United States