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Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. (FSYS)

  • Mark Krieger | Send Message 1 Oct

    $FSYS: getting crushed, but on tiny volume. looks like the small retail investor is throwing in the towel to the smart money
      • Mark Krieger | Send Message 29 Sep

        $FSYS: talk about a gut punch. This one really took me down to my knees. Can't believe how much dough I saw vanish into thin air
          • Mark Krieger | Send Message 27 Sep

            $FSYS, $LUB, $PBY,$BRID and $JVA: looking to get a new article published on the "dirt cheap value portfolio"-just submitted
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            • Mark Krieger | Send Message 27 Sep
              : not sure if they publish submissions on the weekends
              • Mark Krieger | Send Message 21 Sep

                $FSYS: working on a new story about the dirt cheap value portfolio-hope the editors publish it soon.some riveting information
                  • Mark Krieger | Send Message 11 Sep

                    $FSYS contemplating taking legal action to stop transaction, but feel like I would be suing myself
                      • Eric Muathe | Send Message 10 Sep

                        SHORT IDEAS [ $STUDY VIDEO; ]; $AMID $BTU $CLW $FSYS $KKD $USAC $VRNS $XPO
                          • Mark Krieger | Send Message 10 Sep

                            $FSYS: be greedy when others are fearful. Buy the panic and implosion. Cooler heads will prevail
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                            • Mark Krieger | Send Message 10 Sep
                              : d-stroyed me
                            • D-struction | Send Message 10 Sep
                              : nice ;)
                              • Mark Krieger | Send Message 8 Sep

                                $FSYS: buy the dip. If the proposed deal with $WPRT falls apart, FSYS could vault much higher
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                                • imd85 | Send Message 9 Sep
                                  : of course have to watch WPRT and market, only a trade
                                • imd85 | Send Message 10 Sep
                                  : wprt is wrecking this one, stopped out at six and with new dip will see where this makes sense, stand alone cheap but wprt controls price
                                  • Stone Fox Capital | Send Message 2 Sep

                                    Westport Innovations: Birds Of A Feather Flock Together $WPRT, $FSYS
                                      • Mark Krieger | Send Message 1 Sep

                                        $FSYS:my luck is many times does a STOCK actually go down when it announces it is being acquired for a premium?
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                                        • imd85 | Send Message 2 Sep
                                          : WPRT moving up a bit, FSYS down (buying FSYS todayat 6.55)
                                        • imd85 | Send Message 2 Sep
                                          : Stopped out at 6.4. Monitoring the spread.
                                          FSYS vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Fuel Systems Solutions Inc manufactures & designs alternative fuel components & systems for use in transportation, industrial & power generation industries which control the pressure & flow of gaseous alternative fuels used in internal combustion engines.
                                          Industry: Auto Parts
                                          Country: United States