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Full Circle Capital (FULL)

  • Factoids | Send Message 13 May

    Doing Fantasy Accounting With The FULL Numbers Could Produce Reality $FULL
      • mattmarino04 | Send Message 12 May

        Stock Dividend Investing Can Create Long Term Growth $FULL
          • Darren McCammon | Send Message 12 Mar

            $FULL, $CANN Interesting stuff at CANN. Maybe that investment by FULL won't be worthless?
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            • vicad | Send Message 12 Mar
              : Thank you. Haven't heard much about CANN in a while.
            • flexitpm | Send Message 13 Mar
              : Press Releases for $CANN:
              • haleya1 | Send Message 23 Feb

                as a shareholder, should I hold on is it worth it? this company keeps failing it seems $FULL
                  • calamita | Send Message 23 Feb

                    $FULL I figured a div. cut was coming soon. But. all this may be good in the long run. Could use some help on what to do with this one.
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                    • pokalolo | Send Message 23 Feb
                      : IMO if you road it down & feel new div is safe. Hold it,but, never average down. Any new $ use on the best symbol your d/d can find
                      • makiko43 | Send Message 23 Feb

                        pokalolo $FULL what are we to do? good news anywhere?
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                        • pokalolo | Send Message 24 Feb
                          : We just emailed Ladenburg 2b updated on offering.We like idea of current shareholders b-ing 1s offered discounted shares.$3.5>4 & we'll buy
                        • pokalolo | Send Message 24 Feb
                          : if.. At 3.50 we'de buy our full allotment.. At 4 we might or might not depending on the current trading price
                          • pokalolo | Send Message 23 Feb

                            $FULL back at 3.86 from morning 4.47 stop out this morning
                              • makiko43 | Send Message 23 Feb

                                WTF IS GOING ON $FULL???
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                                • Jettemor | Send Message 23 Feb
                                  : Dillution and dividend cut...
                                  • pokalolo | Send Message 16 Jan

                                    $FULL just got a block - 4.70.We like the monthly payout & this CANN thing might be a MEGA event if they exit the grey sheets. Big NAV boost
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                                    • BTD70 | Send Message 18 Jan
                                      : Thank you. Still celebrating, we get the whole 12 days, Theophany etc. ; )
                                    • BTD70 | Send Message 23 Jan
                                      : good volume trend here $FULL
                                      • pokalolo | Send Message 15 Jan

                                        $FULL.. hatip to yasagei for this link This made CANN soar ,but, FULL get a better deal on $CANN collapse
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                                        • pokalolo | Send Message 15 Jan
                                          : CANN gets back it's status it should go back to the 20s & FULL can revalue the warrents..FULL might double
                                        • pokalolo | Send Message 15 Jan
                                          : One more green day and the CANN chart will be the dream symbol of 2015..A buck was a cheap option on a well run company real estate company
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                                          Company Description
                                          Full Circle Capital Corp is a non-diversified closed-end management investment company. It invests in senior secured loans, second lien loans, mezzanine loans and equity securities issued by lower middle-market companies operating in range of industries.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: Credit Services
                                          Country: United States