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CurrencyShares Euro Trust ETF (FXE)

  • CompoundGrowth | Send Message 9h

    $FXE broke support. EURO is going to parity with USD by year end.
      • x oil -field | Send Message 10h

        Dollar Climbs, Labor-Market Strength Boosts Speculation on Fed. $UVXY $FXE $UUP Bloomberg SA
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        • x oil -field | Send Message 1h
          : Wall Street firms more convinced of June rate hike: Reuters poll. Reuters
          • pokalolo | Send Message 5 Mar

            $FXE This follows US inflation drifting lower. FED doves will have upper hand through all of 2015.. IMHO
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            • pokalolo | Send Message 5 Mar
              : Also, throw in a dash of Japan to Germany These r 2 giant players
            • pokalolo | Send Message 5 Mar
              : EURO's down to 110 a modern record.Today Dr.Draghi steps up to the plate..He needs a hit..>) A big at bat for sure with Greece still begging
              • Andrew Sachais | Send Message 5 Mar

                A Look At Key Euro Area Data And Why The Currency Continues To Fall $FXE
                  • Robert A. Desmond | Send Message 4 Mar

                    {video} Chart Analysis $NYSE $FXE $USD $SRS $PLUG $ALTR $ROSG $PRKR $SOL $ITKG $DUST $GDX $WBA
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                    • IndyPEG | Send Message 4 Mar
                      : Thanks again, Des. Best 1/2 hr I've spent in weeks. Much appreciated
                      • Jay Norris | Send Message 2 Mar

                        ESignal Weekly Forex & Futures Forecast For 3-2-15 $FXE, $FXA, $UUP
                          • x oil -field | Send Message 2 Mar

                            Is Draghi Outflanking Kuroda in the Global Currency Wars? $FXE MSNMoney Bloomberg
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                            • pokalolo | Send Message 2 Mar
                              : No he isn't outflanking. YEN has a much heavier weighting in world trade & is a much wider used currency 4 safety & it's IMF weighting to
                              • Capitalist Exploits | Send Message 1 Mar

                                How To Get Amazing Abs And Understand Markets (No, Seriously!) $UUP, $USDU, $FXE
                                  • Jay Norris | Send Message 12 Feb

                                    Euro Rally, Greenback Correction At Hand $UUP, $FXE
                                      • Andrew Sachais | Send Message 11 Feb

                                        How The Greeks Are Affecting The Euro $FXE
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