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General Dynamics Corporation (GD)

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        General Dynamics has some exciting earnings growth coming up. $GD
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            Wednesday's earnings... $MO $AMT $ANTM $BAX $CLF $ETN $FB $GD $GSK $HLT $HUM $LVLT $MAR $MA $MCK $NOC $PSA $ROK $SCTY $SO $SU $GT $TRI $VRTX
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                    May 2015 Progress Report $GD, $ABBV, $CL
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                        How To Find The Best Exit Points For Great Dividend Stocks: [VL-I04-061215] $BA, $GD, $LMT
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                            Hold Off Investing Into General Dynamics, An Arms Producer $GD
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                                $GD I didn't know that General Dynamics had a video games division. Huh. Hoping to get a chance to talk to them at E3 next week.
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                                  : Say what now?
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                                  : Yeah, a couple of their guys are listed on the Attendees list. They have some kind of software division.
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                                    General Dynamics: A Defense Contractor That Makes The Most Of Its Business $GD
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                                        Dividend Growth Stock Overview: General Dynamics Corporation $GD
                                          GD vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          General Dynamics Corp is an aerospace and defense company. It offers products and services in business aviation; combat vehicles, weapons systems and munitions; shipbuilding; and communication and information technology systems and solutions.