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GameStop Corp. (GME)

  • Aug. 19, 2013, 8:55 AM
    • GameStop (GME) looks ripe to Sterne Agee for a strong performance in the second half of the year with new global gaming console launches drawing increased attention.
    • The investment firm upped its price target to $55 on the Buy-rated stock.
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  • Jul. 31, 2013, 10:41 AM
    • Shares of GameStop (GME +3.2%) trade higher after Nintendo reports on the level of Wii U sales and weighs in on expected sales for the fiscal year.
    • The company that has had more than a few obituaries written about it is now up 93% YTD and trades at a five-year high.
  • Jul. 26, 2013, 2:56 PM
    Shares of GameStop (GME +2.9%) trade higher with word out that the retailer is one of the select few where a new Nexus 7 can be picked up early. Any upward momentum in GameStop has be viewed through the prism that it is one of the most heavily-shorted S&P 500 stocks.
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  • Jun. 28, 2013, 6:53 AM
    BofA initiates coverage on GameStop (GME) with a Buy rating and $55 price objective.
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  • Jun. 25, 2013, 3:43 PM
    GameStop (GME +0.5%) President Tony Bartel thinks the Wii U is being overlooked as discussion over next-gen consoles rages on in the gaming community. The thinking from the exec falls in line with estimates from Wedbush Securities which show Wii U console sales of 6M for the year, compared to 3M for PS4s and Xbox Ones. One lingering question on the Wii is will Nintendo (NTDOY.PK) drop the price on the system to boost sales even higher or stand pat.
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  • Jun. 20, 2013, 12:45 PM
    Midday top 10 gainers: OTIV +16%. LGND +14%. FNSR +12%. NYNY +10%. ZN +9%. NVGN +8%. CEDU +8%. CLSN +7%. COGO +7%. GME +7%.
    Midday top 10 Losers: EBIX -41%. FLO -35%. RIOM -16%. DQ -14%. ORMP -13%. PVG -11%. FCEL -11%. SVLC -11%. CLFD -10%. PGNX -10%.
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  • Jun. 20, 2013, 9:55 AM
    Shares of GameStop (GME +3.9%) stay elevated and carve out a 52-week high after yesterday's news that Microsoft will walk back used game restrictions boosts sentiment. What Microsoft called "candid feedback" from gamers more closely resembled a loud roar of disapproval from the gaming community. The final word from MSFT: "Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today."
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  • Jun. 19, 2013, 5:30 PM
    After-hours top gainers, as of 5:15 p.m.: FNSR +10%. GME +9%. HW +7%. EDAP +6%. NOK +5%.
    After-hours top losers: GASX -9%. ZIXI -7%. SCS -4%. QAI -2%. GLW -2%.
  • Jun. 19, 2013, 5:05 PM
    Microsoft (MSFT) does an about-face, dropping the Xbox One's Internet verification requirements and all of its used game restrictions. GameStop (GME) investors are very pleased, shares +7.8% AH. Microsoft's change-of-heart follows a major backlash from gamers (they were far from appeased by Redmond's initial response), and plenty of gamer enthusiasm being shown for the PlayStation 4 (SNE), both due to its lack of similar restrictions and its lower price.
  • Jun. 14, 2013, 7:01 AM
    Oppenheimer upgrades GameStop (GME) to Outperform to go along with a price target lift up to $50. GME +1.4% premarket. (Previous: GameStop cruises through E3 better than expected)
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  • Jun. 13, 2013, 11:33 AM
    GameStop (GME +2.5%) trades higher as the news from the E3 conference continues to drive enthusiasm higher on the stock and manages to squeeze out at least a few shorts in the process. The used game business might not have a bright long-term future, but recent developments from publishers indicate they aren't willing to cut the cord just yet.
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  • Jun. 11, 2013, 9:46 AM
    GameStop (GME +5.6%) opens higher as the market digests the impact of Sony's strategy and pricing for the PlayStation 4 on the company's business model. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 news flowing out of E3 has fallen short of some of the dire forecasts on GameStop - even if it's not all that encouraging for the long-term outlook for the used game market.
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  • Jun. 11, 2013, 9:10 AM
    Premarket gainers: BEAT +48%. QCOR +29%. DOLE +22%. CTRX +13%. SURG +9%. GME +5%.
    Losers: LULU -15%. LDK -9%. IRE -6%. STP -6%. KGC -6%. XTEX -5%
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  • Jun. 10, 2013, 5:30 PM
    After-hours top gainers, as of 5:15 p.m.: BEAT +36%. CTRX +14%. CYS +3%. KNDI +3%. GME +3%.
    After-hours top losers: LULU -11%. ASTX -6%. XTEX -4%. COCO -4%. PBY -3%.
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  • Jun. 10, 2013, 2:10 PM
    Shares of GameStop (GME -2.7%) have traded increasingly skittish with the Apple Developer Conference ongoing and Microsoft releasing more details about its Xbox One.
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  • Jun. 7, 2013, 3:55 PM
    GameStop's (GME +6.2%) big rally on the Microsoft Xbox One trade-in news "is a gift to short sellers," says SA Pro's Josh Burwick. "Great entry point here." The entry point was even better 3 weeks ago when Burwick penned a piece arguing negative catalysts were emerging and for investors to "look out below."
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Company Description
Gamestop Corp is a multichannel video game retailer. It sells new and pre-owned video game hardware, physical and digital video game software, accessories, as well as PC entertainment software, new and pre-owned mobile and consumer electronics products.
Sector: Services
Country: United States