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Western Asset High Income Fund II (HIX)

  • Tiki Bar Capital | Send Message 13 Aug

    Yield on $HIX is 12.88% at $6:95. Oil still crashing, so HIX likely to go lower. Waiting until oil well below $40/bbl to buy more.
      • Reuben Gregg Brewer | Send Message 16 Jul

        HIX: Smaller Distributions And History Suggest A Long Life Ahead $HIX
          • Tiki Bar Capital | Send Message 25 May

            Why the recent selloff in $HIX? Morningstar says 10.34% yield at $8.01. Seems like a bargain.
              • Ajay Kalra | Send Message 31 Dec 2014

                Bought $BGH at the close today. I think $HIX, $GHY, $BWG, $EHI should do better now as tax related selling subsides. Yield is good on all.
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                • mrmedusa | Send Message 31 Dec 2014
                  : Have $GHY, went with $EDF. All look pretty good.
                  • jwill53 | Send Message 27 Nov 2013

                    $HIX just cut div by 3% for Dec thru Feb - Still 9.6% yield at today's cost of 9.00
                      • rhamil54 | Send Message 4 Sep 2013

                        Since $HIX has roughly 86% of it's assets in bonds, is it not as risk from rising interest rates?
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                        • jwill53 | Send Message 5 Sep 2013
                          : it is basically a bond fund and i think the risk has been reflected in its price performance over the past 90 days - however,
                        • jwill53 | Send Message 5 Sep 2013
                          : at current price it is yielding near 11%
                          • jwill53 | Send Message 1 Aug 2013

                            Anyone follow $HIX and thoughts at this level? %11 yield.
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                            • JoeyDerDrunk | Send Message 4 Aug 2013
                              : HIX is currently trading below it's NAV and has been around since 1998. I own $50K of it at a cost average of $9.49.
                            • danceuport2 | Send Message 5 Aug 2013
                              : What Joey says is true. Actually right now it is indeed below NAV with a -3.79% discount which is unusual. Could be a good value...
                              • drmwsunner | Send Message 5 Apr 2012

                                I favor dividend stocks like PSEC, AGD, ARR, IGD, HIX, and PHK. Divys help me live a comparable life style that I ejoyed when working.
                                  • Dr. Kris | Send Message 4 May 2011

                                    Another hi-income play: Hi-income fund HIX hitting new $10 high today. No surprise that it's juicy 10% dividend yield comes at higher-risk.
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