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Aberdeen Indonesia Fund (IF)

  • Emerging Market Skeptic | Send Message 26 Aug 2014

      • Donald van Deventer | Send Message 3 Jul 2014

        Bumi Resources 1 Year Default Probability 11.96%, Down 0.66% Today $PBMRF, $PBMRY, $IF
          • Emerging Market Skeptic | Send Message 30 Jun 2014

            Investors are returning to Asia's emerging markets BUT Indonesia looks risky $EIDO $IDX $IDXJ $IF $TLK $PTINY
              • whidbey | Send Message 1 Dec 2012

                This fund,$IF, EWS and gold look like a plan in view of the China slow down. The currency issues in China threaten liquidity globally.
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                • whidbey | Send Message 2 Dec 2012
                  : if China gets in trouble, the hard currencies and gold will likely hold value better than the $. China can sell US bonds which hurt the US.
                • weed | Send Message 2 Dec 2012
                  : Thanks whidbey, that make sense.
                  • bear2bull2bear | Send Message 11 Oct 2012

                    We advised all non IRA Cap Gains be taken in September.Mutuals rebalance for Oct book closing.IF-Obama wins surly Cap Gain rates up in 2013.
                      • tunaman4u2 | Send Message 14 Sep 2012

                        IF the market rolls over, what news\rumor\intervention is left to squeeze shorts & scare people into longs?
                          • Arkeh Capital | Send Message 28 Aug 2012

                            IF NOK is strategic to the success of WP8, MSFT should better take at least a stake, investment case of shorties is then flawed
                              • Bret Kenwell | Send Message 20 Aug 2012

                                IF morning highs get taken out, look out #bears!
                                  • FROGTAIL | Send Message 8 Aug 2012

                                    DO YOU THINK A PERSON COULD BUY KCG @ 2.99? IF NOT, WHAT DO YOU FEEL IS A GOOD BUY?
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                                    • iadops40 | Send Message 8 Aug 2012
                                      : 0
                                    • Hillbilly Stock Star | Send Message 8 Aug 2012
                                      : Wildcard!
                                      • David White | Send Message 18 Jul 2012

                                        Chanos said he was shorting HPQ. Hiding R&D spending via acquisitions. IF he thinks that of HPQ, what about CRM? Much worse. Losing money.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Aberdeen Indonesia Fund, Inc is a closed-end investment company. The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation as a primary objective and income as a secondary objective, by investing primarily in Indonesian securities.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Country: Indonesia