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InSite Vision, Inc. - OTCQB

4/18/2014, 5:42 PM ET
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Sector: Healthcare
Country: United States

InSite Vision is committed to advancing new and superior ophthalmologic products for unmet eye care needs. The Company's lead product is AzaSite*, which targets infections of the eye. AzaSite contains the drug azithromycin, a broad-spectrum antibiotic formulated with DuraSite, InSite Vision's patented drug-delivery vehicle, which offers the benefit of a low-dosing regimen, attractive to both the eye-care patient and physician. AzaSite was launched in the United States in August 2007 by Inspire Pharmaceuticals, InSite Vision's commercial partner for the U.S. and Canada. The company's product development portfolio also includes ISV-502 (AzaSite Plus), which is currently in Phase 3 pivotal trials for the treatment of eyelid infection and inflammation, and additional product candidates leveraging the company's core DuraSite technology platform. InSite has recently advanced two new product candidates for the treatment of eye pain and inflammation into preclinical testing. InSite Vision's strategy includes maximizing AzaSite sales in the U.S. and abroad through close collaboration with marketing partners, seeking development partners for its DuraSite-enabled early-stage product candidates, and applying the company's expertise in ophthalmology to identify, in-license, or acquire promising new product candidates or technologies.