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Identiv, Inc. (INVE)

  • caligrowthresearch | Send Message 3h

    Still no bottom for $INVE? I don't get it...
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    • D-struction | Send Message 3h
      : Like you, I believed and know the company is worth more but sometimes the market just hates simply to hate.
    • jsiebel720 | Send Message 2h
      : Got out a while ago; An original Scott Matsou special coupled with absolutely no management credibility
      • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 23 Jul

        If you want to read details of the lawsuit go to then click on cases tab then click on Identiv at the bottom $INVE
          • ebs92 | Send Message 21 Jul

            I don't post much but have given many solid plays the last few months. Not going to run or ignore the poor one I gave with $INVE
              • Federate | Send Message 15 Jul

                $INVE seems like the bottom is in...
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                • Federate | Send Message 16 Jul
                  : The "Cisco Physical Access Manager" is what Identiv will market under the iPAM brand
                • Federate | Send Message 16 Jul
                  : We should hence expect incremental revenue from the Cisco deal to phase in over time, rather than any significant, one-off surges
                  • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 10 Jul

                    $INVE just re-read notice, need to file a plan of compliance by the 20th, not the actual 10k. They should be able to do that on time.
                      • Federate | Send Message 9 Jul

                        Net of cash (Q1 cash balance of USD33.09m), $INVE is worth less than USD20m currently. That's less than it's liquidation value. BUY
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                        • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 9 Jul
                          : Hostile is fine with me as long as over my average, Hart is really disappointing with his lack of communications at this time.
                        • Federate | Send Message 9 Jul
                          : Absolutely. His PR really needs to stop sitting on its hands, though the white paper with Gartner was a pretty sweet gig
                          • Federate | Send Message 9 Jul

                            $INVE into the abyss...
                              • kahoward2734 | Send Message 6 Jul

                                $INVE getting knocked down almost 8% !
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                                • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 7 Jul
                                  : $INVE 10K needs to be filed before 7/20 to stay in compliance with Nasdaq listing.
                                • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 7 Jul
                                  : $INVE I seriously hope they comply like they stated they would in SEC filing, but hard to tell. Company too quiet.
                                  • Federate | Send Message 1 Jul

                                    What do you guys think would be a realistic buyout price for $INVE? The capital raising in Sep-14 was at $15. Analyst forecasts are lower.
                                      • Federate | Send Message 1 Jul

                                        Surprised that $INVE never took position with regard to Callan's last letter to the board.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Identiv Inc, formerly Identive Group, Inc. provides secure identification solutions in the connected world, including premises, as well as information centers.
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Country: United States