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Inland Real Estate Corporation (IRC)

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    $NRF $SIR $SNH $SRC $GOV $PCL $HPT $IRC $CSAL $DFT $IRT $WPG $STAG $NSA Top Yield Equity REITs by Sector @GilverBook
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        $NRF $SIR $SNH $SRC $O $CTT $HPT $IRC $GOV $CSAL $BRG $DFT $STAG US Top Yield Equity REITs by Sector @GilverBook
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            $SNH $NRF $SRC $PCL $GOV $HPT $IRC $BRG $DFT $WPG $NSA $STAG U.S. - Top Yield Equity REITs by Sector via @GilverBook
              • Kraken | Send Message 7 Nov 2014

                A 6.6% Yield Worth Taking A Look At $IRC
                  • Tal Davidson | Send Message 31 Dec 2013

                    ROIC Is A Superior Company, But Better Opportunities May Be Available $EXL, $IRC, $KRG
                      • Divinvest2014 | Send Message 9 Dec 2013

                        Doesn´t $IRC pay less than 91% of its earnings in dividend?
                          • REIT | Send Message 7 Apr 2013

                            $IRC doing well for investors
                              • REIT | Send Message 13 Sep 2012

                                starting my reit buying as i understood from ben prop prices will rise so adding IRC, KIM, and will see what more i can find
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                                  : i have not checked on REITs for a year now, shocked how expensive they become in such a short t, guess need to evaluate them based on book
                                • Energysystems | Send Message 14 Sep 2012
                                  : REITs and MLPs have exploded over the past year. Utes too. Most consistent divi payers as well. Ppl are looking for income in assets.
                                  • Rubicon Associates | Send Message 28 Feb 2012

                                    IRC reopening their 8.125% perp preferred. (IRC-A)
                                      • hmpinkas | Send Message 2 Aug 2011
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                                          IRC vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Inland Real Estate Corp with its subsidiaries is a publicly held real estate investment trust which owns, operates and develops retail shopping centers.
                                          Sector: Financial
                                          Industry: REIT - Retail
                                          Country: United States