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JA Solar Holdings, Co., Ltd. (JASO)

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    $C $CSIQ $APA $EOG $JASO $TSL $AAPL $BBRY Markets this morning.
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        Recover or dead cat bounce? Markets This Morning $BABA $BIDU $CSCO $JASO $TSL $CSIQ $C $YHOO $AAPL $APA $EOG
          • Casual Analyst | Send Message 12 Aug

            JA Solar: Outperformance In Operations Overshadowed By Shareholder Unfriendly Management $JASO
              • Dave Dierking | Send Message 9 Aug

                Tuesday's earnings... $CSC $CYBR $JASO $MYGN $RRGB $SYMC
                  • Jerry Cooper | Send Message 22 Jul

                    Wang Bohua, the general secretary of China PV industry, estimated that capacity would be 12-13GW in second half year in home market.$JASO
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                        Competitive Advantages Make JA Solar A Top Industry Pick $JASO
                          • Blake Morgan | Send Message 8 Jul

                            The Chinese Market Has Crashed... JA Solar Can Help You Profit With 38% Upside $JASO
                              • christoph075 | Send Message 7 Jul

                                $JASO: Now a secure gain from over 31 % in a I think short time to the takeover price possible. Who stupid can US Investore be?
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                                • matratra | Send Message 7 Jul
                                  : C75-Here every one knows as where to invest. I would not call investors stupid. You want to make money look else where.
                                • wheelz23 | Send Message 7 Jul
                                  : there was no was a non-binding offer that just indicated they were interested in buying the remaining shares
                                  • christoph075 | Send Message 6 Jul

                                    $JASO now 27,5 % lower as the overtaking offer weeks a go. How stupid can US Investors be? Why give out a secure 27,5 % gain?
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                                    • wheelz23 | Send Message 6 Jul
                                      : you signal out US investors after markets across the world dropped trillions because of greece?
                                    • christoph075 | Send Message 7 Jul
                                      : What is Greece? - It's an economic complete insignificant country in Europe.
                                      • Harsh Singh Chauhan | Send Message 1 Jul

                                        JA Solar - A Few Reasons Why Investors Should Continue Holding This Stock $JASO
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                                          Company Description
                                          JA Solar Holdings Co ADR designs, manufactures and markets high-performance solar cells, which are made from specially processed silicon wafers.
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Country: China