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China Finance Online Co. Limited (JRJC)

  • Emerging Market Skeptic | Send Message 24 Aug

    Vietnamese vs Chinese retail investors $VNM $JRJC $CTC $NOAH $JP $XPP $YINN $YANG $YXI $FXP
      • freefdawatchlist | Send Message 28 Jun Earning watchlist for June 29th - 3rd July: $CIDM, $ANFI, $AKRX, $CAMP, $EZPW, $JRJC, $TBBK, $MKC, $PAYX
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        • Yiwen Nni | Send Message 28 Jun
          : Where did you get from the info about $AKRX E/R? You already said the same thing last week and the week before.
          • The GeoTeam | Send Message 5 Jun

            China Finance Online Response To GeoInvesting Report Falls Flat $JRJC
              • The GeoTeam | Send Message 3 Jun

                China Finance Online CEO Resigns From Key Posts In China Amid Anti-Corruption Probe $JRJC
                  • China Stock Research | Send Message 28 May

                    China Finance Online Gains 20% In A Few Days: What Gives? $JRJC
                      • StockStatus | Send Message 27 Apr
                          • China Stock Research | Send Message 20 Mar

                            China Finance Online: The Price Is Right $JRJC
                              • pre-dog | Send Message 3 Mar

                                $jrjc - I sold $jrjc today at 6.19 on a nice 12% pop today. It should pull back from here, having trouble staying above 6.40 level for now.
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                                • ywz | Send Message 4 Mar
                                  : hwy 6.4? what's the trouble do you think?
                                • pre-dog | Send Message 4 Mar
                                  : $jrjc - I just didn't like the price action in days leading up to yesterdays news, and it broke the 5.45 level on open yesterday.
                                  • theoptionrider | Send Message 23 Feb

                                    Monday's trades, have a look! $RHT $HOT $KING $JRJC $WBA $LOGI $AGEN $KN $AAL $SPY
                                      • pre-dog | Send Message 17 Feb

                                        $jrjc - I bought jrjc @ 5.96 today on good news. Stock is going higher, above 5.45 level.
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                                          China Finance Online Co Ltd provides financial information and services including news, data, analytics, securities investment advisory and brokerage-related services.