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Kate Spade & Company (KATE)

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    Exciting 3 year growth expectations for Kate Spade - $KATE -
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        Bought more $KATE
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            Kate Spade & Company: Early Innings Of Long-Term Growth $KATE
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                With an ROE of 56.7% $KATE is cranking. What about the rest?
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                    $KATE Kate Spade Return on Equity is 56.7%, worth a closer look?
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                      : Get it cheaper than what I paid yesterday!
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                            Down 50%, Kate Spade Is Still Overpriced $KATE
                              • Werner Kranenburg | Send Message 12 Jun

                                (Update) Shareholders voted "No" on executive compensation proposals at among others $CKP $PODD $CSOD $DXM $VRTX $KATE $SPW >I'm an attorney
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                                    Shareholders left holding the bag after upscale retailers slump on lowered outlook--breaking support levels on heavy vol: $KORS $KATE $COH
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                                      : For whoeve might care, to follow up on the call buying, today 16K November $50 and 16K Nov $60 calls were bought today
                                    • oneotherfool | Send Message 10 Jun
                                      : for >$6M and >$1M ($4/contact and $1), respectively.
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                                        Bullish On Kate Spade Into Earnings $KATE
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                                          Company Description
                                          Kate Spade & Co designs and markets accessories and apparel under three brands namely kate spade new york, KATE SPADE SATURDAY and JACK SPADE.