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KCAP Financial (KCAP)

  • BDC Buzz | Send Message 18 May

    KCAP Financial: What Comes Next? $KCAP
      • BDC Buzz | Send Message 10 Sep 2014

        KCAP Financial: BDC Risk Profiles $KCAP
          • Michael Bryant | Send Message 14 Mar 2014

            "7 stocks with sky-high dividends." $WHZ, $AT, $EFC, $KCAP, $BID, $ITRN, and $VOD. $AT may see future demand.
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            • Michael Bryant | Send Message 14 Mar 2014
              : But isn't there a tax issue if you own a trust?
            • Energysystems | Send Message 14 Mar 2014
              : Still expecting a $VOD/$T deal. Probable buyout at $50/share.
              • MRonzetti | Send Message 4 Feb 2014

                bought $KCAP, looking forward to seeing it play out
                  • coastinvestor | Send Message 22 Apr 2013

                    Does anyone like $KCAP right now? It seems to have good fundamentals and a high yield.
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                    • Master of Disaster | Send Message 23 Apr 2013
                      : I'm holding out for a bit more of a drop price before I get in $FCX. If the price stays at current level, I'll get in under $30.
                    • Master of Disaster | Send Message 23 Apr 2013
                      : I should have done that, but I think we'll see it drop into the $27 area again in the next week or 2. Just waiting for 1 more opportunity
                      • NV_GARY | Send Message 15 Apr 2013

                        $KCAP everything is down today-- but almost 5% and heading south?? Zero news for a month.
                          • NV_GARY | Send Message 4 Apr 2013

                            What happened to the $KCAP price on Wed? Way too much of a drop.
                              • Dividend Sheet | Send Message 2 Apr 2013

                                $KCAP $PSO and $BBVA are tomorrow's best yielding ex-dividend stocks - - 20 shares with 3.79% average yield
                                  • Todd Johnson | Send Message 15 Mar 2013

                                    5 BDCs To Buy For Up To 11.7% Dividend Yields $KCAP, $MAIN, $PSEC, $TCAP, $TCRD
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                                      Company Description
                                      KCAP Financial Inc is an internally managed closed-end investment company. The Company originates, structures and invests in senior secured term loans, mezzanine debt and privately-held middle market companies.