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Eastman Kodak Co. (KODK)

  • Bryan Thomas | Send Message 9 Jan

    3 Reasons Why Kodak's New Smartphone Will Fail $KODK
      • BidnessEtc. com | Send Message 29 Dec 2014

        Kodak's Moment? Iconic Camera-Maker To Launch Android Smartphone $KODK $GOOG
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        • matratra | Send Message 29 Dec 2014
          : Here we go
          • Mongoose7916 | Send Message 5 Nov 2014

            $KODK reports a profit! How long has it been since that has been said?
              • Biswajit kundu | Send Message 17 Jul 2014
                  • Antonio Carradinha | Send Message 9 May 2014

                    Kodak's Fresh New Start May Be An Opportunity For Investors, But Caution Is The Buzzword $KODK
                      • Greenfire87 | Send Message 8 Jan 2014

                        $KODK is cornering the market in touch
                          • Eric Muathe | Send Message 7 Jan 2014
                              • Mongoose7916 | Send Message 12 Dec 2013

                                $KODK quietly starting to fly under the radar. Seems like a gamble right now but I am watching closely
                                  • HIS MONEY | Send Message 20 Aug 2013

                                    $EK to be trading again soon under this ticker??? IMHO there will be hidden shareholder value in new equity offering... $KODK
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                                    • HIS MONEY | Send Message 20 Aug 2013
                                      : will now be free to exploit this IP as they shed the dead weight (PI division) and focus strengths and customer base on emerging tech.
                                    • FREDDESAIN | Send Message 21 Aug 2013
                                      : They pumped up their stock 3 months ago and then dumped it when they announced it will be worthless in September. . No thanks
                                      • NLTInvestor | Send Message 26 Jul 2013

                                        this stock is such a sad story. i wonder if it'll ever return to its former glory $KODK
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                                        • Robert Mariani | Send Message 27 Jul 2013
                                          : Eastman Kodak stock is playing the lottery at this point
                                        • NLTInvestor | Send Message 27 Jul 2013
                                          : i have no equity in this. just making a statement :P
                                          KODK vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Eastman Kodak Co is a technology company that offers transforming large printing markets with digital offset, digital print and hybrid solutions; and developing new solutions for high-growth markets.