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LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. (LF)

  • Ruerd Heeg | Send Message 22 Aug

    Published a new #netnet article: with 46 reasonably liquid stocks below NCAV e.g. $SHOS, $LF, $CLDN, $RELL
      • Platinum Analyst | Send Message 20 Aug

        LeapFrog: Bad News At Any Price? $LF
          • Pistachio Investments | Send Message 20 Aug

            Leapfrog: A Strong Recovery Possible? $LF
              • Xvansan | Send Message 5 Aug

                $ARP now joins $LL $MSTX $TNXP $VRNG $WTSL $LF $SN $CRK $TPLM $BABA $MNKD and many others as horrible stock picks I have seen on SA
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                • tromur | Send Message 5 Aug
                  : I think TNXP is good buy at these levels. Sell in 10s. I think floor is offering price of $7.50
                • jonanne | Send Message 6 Aug
                  : Xvansan-The point I'm making is that this is a long term play, not a trade (although some traders like Ocean Man have done well).
                  • Matija Snuderl | Send Message 31 Jul

                    $LF entered the penny stock territory. Management deserves "performance bonus". Sad to see great company go to hell like that.
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                    • arisberna | Send Message 4 Aug
                      : I think mgt should Focus on Play with toys and let a new/real managment do the Job they cannot clearly accomplish..
                      • Xvansan | Send Message 30 Jul

                        $LF will test $1. If that fails, look out below. I was recently in $WTSL and rode it into the ground. Dont make my mistake!
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                        • dalatinIJR | Send Message 30 Jul
                          : I didn't see OM ,but JS & DW we're up on it
                        • wheelz23 | Send Message 30 Jul
                          : never bought when they were pumping it...tablets and smartphones do the same thing
                          • Agloe Capital | Send Message 28 Jul

                            Leap Out Of LeapFrog $LF
                              • oneotherfool | Send Message 20 Jul

                                $LF $KORS $DFRG what a trio, all making fresh new 52-week low today. Makes me proud to own all three of them :)
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                                • oneotherfool | Send Message 23 Jul
                                  : Out!
                                • nclsamy | Send Message 23 Jul
                                  : Messy...that's why I avoid to play earnings...
                                  • Ruerd Heeg | Send Message 15 Jul

                                    $LF #netnet I will follow Blue Pacific Partners recommendation and vote against the director nominees
                                      • oneotherfool | Send Message 15 Jul

                                        Blue Pacific Partenrs are NOT happy with Leapfrog ($LF) Announces Intention to Vote "AGAINST" Six Incumbent Directors
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                                        • oneotherfool | Send Message 16 Jul
                                          : I believe they own 2%... Milken family own 39%. So they basically own LF. Not sure why they've been idling watching their investment vanish.
                                        • arisberna | Send Message 20 Jul
                                          : I guess they have so much Money they do not care :/
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                                          Company Description
                                          Leapfrog Enterprises Inc designs, develops, and markets technology-based learning products and related proprietary content for children around the world.
                                          Industry: Toys & Games
                                          Country: United States