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Lumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc. (LL)

  • jhyuming | Send Message 14 Apr

    Bear raids failed $LL $GPRO. Loading up.
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    • jhyuming | Send Message 14 Apr
      : $GPRO something just happened AH whoa
    • nase8 | Send Message 14 Apr
      : I think the upgrades will come rolling in closer to Q1 date
      • TradeIt Mike | Send Message 14 Apr

        BUY $LL 33.41
          • pat45 | Send Message 13 Apr

            $LL baron capital group bought 400,000 shares on march 31
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            • pat45 | Send Message 13 Apr
              : It will really move up when Tilson starts covering his short, the good citizen that he is. Till then nice to see institutional buyers.
            • D-struction | Send Message 13 Apr
              : "Good citizen"... nice
              • pat45 | Send Message 13 Apr

                $LL down Friday on new Tilson article that contained nothing new. I think it will recover Monday
                  • Jeremy Kruid | Send Message 12 Apr

                    Lumber Liquidators Overshot To The Downside $LL
                      • beleggersclub | Send Message 11 Apr

                        4-13-2015 CHART OF THE DAY! $LL BUY
                          • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 10 Apr

                            Tilson. Please stop. We heard you the first 11x on $LL. As Citron said, this is a crappy short and a worse long. Your noise isn't helping.
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                            • wheelz23 | Send Message 10 Apr
                              : has there been any reports of anybody getting sick from a LL floor?
                            • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 10 Apr
                              : Not sure, but $LL isn't cheap either. The whole thing is just annoying. It's like $HLF all over again, but the short thesis is even weaker.
                              • Whitney Tilson | Send Message 10 Apr

                                Why I'm Writing So Many Articles About Lumber Liquidators $LL
                                  • Whitney Tilson | Send Message 9 Apr

                                    Lumber Liquidators, Formaldehyde And Asbestos $LL
                                      • SeekingWorldlyWisdom | Send Message 9 Apr

                                        OMG, Raymond James did 1 test on $LL toxic flooring and failed. 60 minutes did 32 test, 31 failed. Why 1 test only? Really?
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                                          Company Description
                                          Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc is a specialty retailer of hardwood flooring in North America. It offers products including domestic hardwood species, engineered hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank, bamboo and cork.