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Local Corporation (LOCM)

  • mrdc | Send Message 8 Nov 2014

    no one wants to give me some advice? i own some shares i bought back at 4.50 i own more i bought at 1.99 help any insights ? $LOCM
      • mrdc | Send Message 5 Nov 2014

        will $LOCM ever be 2 dollars again??
          • mrdc | Send Message 30 Oct 2014

            will $LOCM ever be 3 or 4 dollars a share again?
              • The Focused Stock Trader | Send Message 18 Mar 2014

                It is a pleasure see the shorts run for cover $GTAT18.15 $UNIS 5.25 Finally $GTATQ is reflecting their good news. Next $LOCM see our report.
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                • skippy the kangaroo.. | Send Message 30 Mar 2014
                  : yep looks like a sick puppy
                • ikarus | Send Message 30 Mar 2014
                  : Think it will be sub-$2.00 by end of June, this is just getting started. Paid touts, ongoing lawsuits, loan-to-own debt, this is amazing
                  • The Focused Stock Trader | Send Message 16 Mar 2014

                    Local Corporation - Search Is Local $LOCM
                      • PinkSheet Panther | Send Message 27 Mar 2013

                        $LOCM undervalued? Main site is ranked 1,600 on Alexa, which is pretty damn high.
                          • PinkSheet Panther | Send Message 26 Mar 2013

                            Any recommendations for cheap social media stocks similar to $LOCM $CRWG etc?
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                            • techwonk | Send Message 7 May 2013
                              : PsP, just between us I think the real returns are going to be in SaaS, but I'm not ready to build that list yet.
                            • techwonk | Send Message 21 Jan 2014
                              : $TCX doubled since March -- missed out on that one. How's your portfolio coming along?
                              • rooke002 | Send Message 8 Mar 2013

                                Dont remember... $LOCM long
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                                • rooke002 | Send Message 10 Mar 2013
                                  : This was made up entirely and was not TRUE at the time of print. The rumors swirled as MSFT, GOOG, YHOO wanted to bid... But didn't
                                  • rooke002 | Send Message 8 Mar 2013

                                    Remember Sept 31 2009, $MSFT was 95% in to buy $LOCM based on number of MUV's & Patents. Gave valuation of $12.50 a share if deal closed
                                      • rooke002 | Send Message 8 Mar 2013

                                        $LOCM up 6.67% or $0.11 to $1.76 on NEWS most likely new Patent addition to their already impressive Portfolio. Great turn around story
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                                          Company Description
                                          Local Corp is a technology and advertising company that provides its search results to consumers who are searching online for local businesses, products and services. It provides its search results through website and website.