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Mobile TeleSystems (MBT)

  • Robert Duval | Send Message 24 Jul

    Bought Russian back $MBT, talk about a hated country
      • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 1 May

        Swing Trading Watch-List: $BLMN $FSL $HDB $MBT $NUE
          • StockConsultant | Send Message 31 Mar

            $MBT upside resistance gap breakout watch above 10.33
              • Nikola Sesic | Send Message 27 Mar

                Mobile TeleSystems: Dividend Yield Of At Least 6.7%, Strong Upside $MBT
                  • Nick Cox | Send Message 24 Mar

                    MBT: A Relatively Low-Risk Bet For The Russian Equity Market $MBT
                      • GrowthGeek | Send Message 23 Feb

                        $MBT solid company in a very risky economy. Only Buy if you can ride out the storm for a couple years at least.
                          • sundara99 | Send Message 19 Feb

                            Strike While The Iron Is Hot… A Couple Russian ADR's To Consider Adding $MBT, $VIP, $MTL
                              • bd4uandu | Send Message 13 Feb

                                $MBT ... I got out too early ..... !@#%&-?/€£¢<©®ω⊙¤°℃℉
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                                • GrowthGeek | Send Message 23 Feb
                                  : Maybe not after today!!
                                  • Emerging Market Skeptic | Send Message 26 Jan

                                    If history repeats, Russia stocks could double $MBT $VIP $QIWI $MTL $YNDX $CTCM $RSX $ERUS $RUSL $RUSS $RBL
                                    Reply (1)
                                    • GrowthGeek | Send Message 26 Jan
                                      : If tensions escalate in Ukraine Russian stocks continue to tank. The ifs are the problem right now! Long term I like $MBT and $YNDX
                                      • Professional_Tradr | Send Message 10 Jan

                                        Any thoughts on $MBT these days?
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                                        • luckypeter | Send Message 10 Jan
                                          : $MBT new earnings next, likely lower again, adjust target price of stock, after seeing earnings, not B4,.. wait and see, sit on hands.
                                        • luckypeter | Send Message 10 Jan
                                          : $MBT Parusky ploja niet harasho! Russian Co, cable, telecom. stock market crashed on Putin's blunders, fix prob, back up.. Problem is Putin<
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                                          Company Description
                                          Mobile Telesystems PJSCprovides telecommunications services including voice and data transmission,internet access, pay TV, various value added services through wireless and fixed lines and sells equipment and accessories.
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Country: Russia