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Mallinckrodt PLC (MNK)

  • jamestaulman | Send Message 27 Jul

    $MNK The stock has very high ranks overall and is a leader, as it is ranked #1 in its group.
      • jamestaulman | Send Message 27 Jul

        $MNK Currently there are 5 analysts that rate MNK as a buy, another 4 a strong buy, no analysts rate it a sell, and 4 rate it a hold.
          • Hoang6 | Send Message 17 Jun

            Looking to snap some more $MNK, my average is ~70 (yes, when $QCOR got acquired), planning to hold until it becomes $TEVA or $AGN.
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            • Hoang6 | Send Message 18 Jun
              : And I hope my patience for $NAVB will bear fruits someday near!
            • oneotherfool | Send Message 18 Jun
              : Hope so too :)
              • Michael Bryant | Send Message 14 Jun

                "Dow 20,000 by 2018?" Buy away! $NRZ, $NCT, $SNR, $AAPL, $O, $MNK, $AGN, $SWKS, $AVGO.
                  • speda1 | Send Message 27 May

                    $NEM, $JNPR, $CI, $ALLE, $REGN, $AET, $STJ, $MNK, $VRTX Bullish
                      • smitsky | Send Message 15 May

                        Bought $MNK at $124.37.
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                        • IndyPEG | Send Message 9 Jun
                          : Good move
                        • smitsky | Send Message 9 Jun
                          : Thanks. Support was at 124.
                          • EXPstocktrader | Send Message 5 May

                            Mallinckrodt Keeps On Winning For Investors $MNK
                              • Michael Bryant | Send Message 4 May

                                "$6.9 billion into non-U.S. developed markets." I like Mallinckrodt PLC ($MNK) & Actavis plc ($AGN).
                                  • Cory Mitchell, CMT | Send Message 2 May

                                    Trending Stocks to Watch, Week of May 4, 2015 $MNK $EJ $VNM $JIVE $RDS.B
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                                    • Cory Mitchell, CMT | Send Message 3 May
                                      : Could be. I take lots of trades. In advance I don't know which will be winners. I just trade the strategy which tends to work.
                                    • Cory Mitchell, CMT | Send Message 3 May
                                      : $JIVE may end up being a loser. Who knows...but I'm ok with losing if I make more on my the reward to risk on this trade offer
                                      • oneotherfool | Send Message 27 Apr

                                        $MNK going on watch...earnings next week.
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                                        • oneotherfool | Send Message 27 Apr
                                          : hoang, we sold too early! I too sold out at the buyout, $MNK nearly doubled from there.
                                        • oneotherfool | Send Message 27 Apr
                                          : just to track the list I'm interested in..Added $TTOO and $MNKD to my interest list. $MNKD needs to hold $4.4s...Otherwise, it's in trouble.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Mallinckrodt PLC develops, manufactures, markets & distributes generic specialty pharmaceutical products, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostic imaging agents. It operates in two segments; Specialty Pharmaceuticals & Global Medical Imaging.