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Altria Group, Inc. (MO)

  • Dividend Growth Investor | Send Message 30 Apr

    What Makes Consumer Staples The Perfect Dividend Growth Companies? $DEO $JNJ $MO $CL
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    • matratra | Send Message 30 Apr
      : I like all of them. DEO I would prefer to buy around PE of 15 or lower.
      • LaboMedic | Send Message 30 Apr

        $MO $RAI E-Cigarettes Getting Stubbed Out, Sell Big Tobacco: MO, RAI
          • ipahophead | Send Message 29 Apr

            Added to $MO @ 50.23; very long and expect it to be a lifetime holding for me
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            • theoptionrider | Send Message 29 Apr
              : Back when $MO start its run in Feb 14 it was yielding nearly 6%, now barely over 4%. But I can easily be wrong, these names could go up more
            • ipahophead | Send Message 30 Apr
              : @theoptionrider: I agree $MO cheaper 15 months ago. I've built pos'n w/6 buys starting 2/11/2014. 1st buy up 42%; hindsight = no DCA better
              • ave3r23 | Send Message 29 Apr

                Any particular reason for $MO dropping >3%?
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                • ipahophead | Send Message 29 Apr
                  : Because more people want to sell it than want to buy it? :)
                • theoptionrider | Send Message 29 Apr
                  : It's been on a MASSIVE run since Feb 2014. Higher interest rates coming as well... just the ebb and flow of the market. No worries
                  • Lior Cohen | Send Message 29 Apr

                    Looking Beyond Altria's Dividend $MO
                      • Achilles Research | Send Message 27 Apr

                        Altria Group: Revenue Momentum And Upbeat Outlook Support The Bull Case Even At 17x Earnings $MO
                          • SA Editor Daniel Shvartsman | Send Message 27 Apr

                            Added 14 entries to our contrarian contest list, now up to 35 published entries. Adds include $YELP, $VZ, $MO
                              • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 26 Apr
                                  • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 26 Apr

                                    Stocks Just Do Whatever I Tell Them To Now. It's Just A Thing That Happens. $MO
                                      • Rochelle Jenks | Send Message 24 Apr

                                        Holy Smoke - My Favorite Idea That Everyone Knows But Doesn't Understand $MO
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                                          Company Description
                                          Altria Group Inc` through its subsidiaries manufactures and sells cigarettes, other tobacco products, machine-made large cigars and pipe tobacco. It also maintains a portfolio of leveraged and direct finance leases.
                                          Industry: Cigarettes
                                          Country: United States