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Mesabi Trust (MSB)

  • MexCom | Send Message 27 Jul

    MSB No apparent selling pressure this morning. My today's trade at a profit. Expect further increase. Could accelerate. $MSB
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    • MexCom | Send Message 29 Jul
      : CLF is now up but MSB down for the day. I guess they don't know the better buy. $CLF $MSB
    • Qniform | Send Message 29 Jul
      : I'm looking for a CLF chap 11 to produce a severe mis-pricing.
      • MexCom | Send Message 23 Jul

        Apr 1 at 12.11, shares recovered to $15.80 on Apr 10, 30%. If current recov only half as good, from $10.40, could reach $11.96. $MSB
          • MexCom | Send Message 22 Jul

            MSB - Upside down fish hook pattern on the chart. On breakout would regain the 11 handle. $MSB $CLF
              • MexCom | Send Message 21 Jul

                $MSB After 1st hour today - the selling volume is still less than the opening trades yesterday. I expect firmer close
                  • MexCom | Send Message 20 Jul

                    MSB - Drop. Bought some in my cash account - already at a profit. $MSB
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                    • Qniform | Send Message 22 Jul
                      : IMO, that is still a balance sheet value. These are great times to accumulate this one. Quality local iron ore supply is a long term buy.
                    • MexCom | Send Message 24 Jul
                      : Amazing that one quarter report has so much influence. The LT payout has been good. Current problem - strong dollar on ore prices.
                      • Dogbert | Send Message 8 Apr

                        $MSB CLOSED at $ 14.51 Today..... NOT $ 14.32 !
                          • MexCom | Send Message 31 Mar

                            $MSB - I just posted to Yahoo my take on the price decline -
                              • Qniform | Send Message 31 Mar

                                $MSB, $X Plant operational adjustments may be behind share price action.
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                                • Qniform | Send Message 31 Mar
                                  : Odd that there's no similar action for CLF though...
                                • Qniform | Send Message 31 Mar
                                  : I'm a buyer of MSB here and lower if it keeps going.
                                  • MexCom | Send Message 30 Mar

                                    $MSB Ships moving through the Soo Locks
                                      • MexCom | Send Message 3 Feb

                                        MSB up sharply after CLF report on Bloom Lake property sale. I added. $CLF $MSB
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                                          Company Description
                                          Mesabi Trust operates as royalty trust in the United States, which produces iron ore pellets.