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  • Apr. 12, 2010, 11:38 AM
    With the iPad (AAPL) charging first through the breach, other companies (HPQ, DELL, LNVGY.PK) have filed plans in varous stages for making a tablet, but the biggest risk could come from nontraditional computer makers like Microsoft (MSFT), Nokia (NOK), and particularly Google (GOOG) - which reportedly has a "stealth mode" reader project.
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  • Apr. 5, 2010, 4:11 PM
    Sources say Microsoft (MSFT) will roll out plans to introduce a new line of mobile phones on April 12 that will emphasize social-networking services targeted at young consumers. The so-called "Pink" phones will be offered through a partnership with Verizon Wireless (VZ, VOD).
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  • Apr. 5, 2010, 1:11 PM
    Microsoft (MSFT) heads for the lifeboats on Intel's (INTC) Itanium chip - nicknamed "Itanic" when it failed to garner business after its 2001 introduction - phasing out support for the 64-bit chip to favor the near-ubiquitous x86 architecture.
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  • Apr. 1, 2010, 8:04 AM
    Microsoft (MSFT) teams up with Ford (F) to provide energy management software for electric cars. The software will tell drivers the best time to recharge their vehicles at home.
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  • Mar. 31, 2010, 6:45 PM
    Facebook games maker CrowdStar has reportedly broken off talks to be bought by Microsoft (MSFT) for over $200M. The company - the sixth-largest application developer on the social network - is talking to other suitors; maybe EA (ERTS)?
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  • Mar. 31, 2010, 3:24 PM
    Would Apple (AAPL) really dump Google (GOOG) in favor of Microsoft’s (MSFT) Bing? When Apple ships its first iPads on Saturday, Google investors may head straight to the gadget’s browser to see which search engine is the default choice. If Bing ends up on the iPad, then the iPhone surely would be next.
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  • Mar. 31, 2010, 2:53 PM
    Instead of worrying about the drama with China, Google (GOOG) investors should be bracing themselves for a slowdown that could make Google look much more like Microsoft (MSFT).
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  • Mar. 29, 2010, 3:31 PM
    Impressed by the "resilience" of the market, Laszlo Birinyi raises his year-end S&P forecast to 1,325, citing recent strength in General Electric (GE), Microsoft (MSFT) and Citigroup (C) shares.
  • Mar. 29, 2010, 9:25 AM
    Microsoft (MSFT) has vanquished most competitors to its Office suite of software. But a new version of the popular program will be challenged by web-based alternatives from Google (GOOG).
  • Mar. 24, 2010, 5:20 PM
    Google (GOOG) earns praise, Microsoft (MSFT) scorn from a congressional panel for their China policies. A Google exec tells the panel that the U.S. and other democracies should draft trade agreements that include pledges to keep websites uncensored.
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  • Mar. 23, 2010, 4:50 PM
    In the wake of Carl Icahn's departure from the Yahoo (YHOO) board last year, the company says director John Chapple is also leaving. Chapple joined the board along with Icahn and Frank Biondi in an activist push after Yahoo deflected a Microsoft (MSFT) takeover. YHOO +0.7% AH.
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  • Mar. 17, 2010, 9:49 AM
    A Texas jury awards VirnetX Holding (VHC +18%) $106M of the $242M it was seeking in a patent infringement suit against Microsoft (MSFT +1%). The award could triple if MSFT is found to have willingly infringed on VirnetX's method of creating a VPN (virtual private network) between two networks.
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  • Mar. 16, 2010, 2:53 PM
    Google's (GOOG) partners in China send an impassioned plea to keep the company's Chinese search engine open, saying their businesses would be jeopardized and demanding to know how they would be compensated. If Google decides to close in China, it might open a door for Microsoft (MSFT), whose Bing service hasn't even hit 1% market share in the country.
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  • Mar. 15, 2010, 5:34 PM
    It's not that long ago that Google (GOOG) made its biggest misstep, says Chris Thompson - no, not sinking billions into YouTube, nor the privacy flap around Google Buzz. It was the strenuous fight against the merger of Microsoft (MSFT) and Yahoo (YHOO) that was the best thing to happen to Ballmer & Co. since MS-DOS, saving them billions.
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  • Mar. 15, 2010, 1:24 PM
    In an apparent surprise to Yahoo (YHOO), its top revenue generator, Joanne Bradford, is reportedly leaving the search giant to become chief revenue officer at Demand Media. Bradford was set to play a key role in Yahoo's partnership with Microsoft (MSFT).
  • Mar. 12, 2010, 3:54 PM
    In the square-off between Google (GOOG) and China, the Chinese government almost certainly has the advantage. The local search engine Baidu (BIDU) has about 60% of the Chinese market, and Yahoo (YHOO) and Microsoft (MSFT) say they have no intention of leaving China and will follow local laws. So China does not need Google, but Google does need China.
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