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MusclePharm Corp. (MSLP)

  • dindin21 | Send Message 20 Mar

    $MSLP This has been higher on worse results. I understand the lack of transparency but if the concern is for short term profits vrs
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    • dindin21 | Send Message 20 Mar
      : investing in growth like they have done I disagree. I think Q1 results will be a surprise on a positive side.
    • dindin21 | Send Message 20 Mar
      : Higher Q4 costs are related to Q1 launches which will start to materialize in Q2. We shall find out a lot more in 2 months
      • John Nicholson | Send Message 18 Mar

        Why I Panic Sold MusclePharm (And Why You Should Tread Carefully) $MSLP
          • Charles Moscoe | Send Message 17 Mar

            MusclePhraud likely wont survive 2015. Been neg since $14 and will ride this one to $0. Unsustainable biz model run by question marks. $MSLP
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            • Crossroads | Send Message 17 Mar
              : This company is run by some incompetent people
            • dindin21 | Send Message 20 Mar
              : Explain to me how this is a fraud?
              • Charles Moscoe | Send Message 16 Mar

                Where did all the $MSLP longs go? I'm used to a flurry of attacks when I criticize the company. It is awfully quiet right now. Capitulation?
                  • Charles Moscoe | Send Message 16 Mar

                    $MSLP FY2015 revenue guidance midpoint is $35M (about 20%) below consensus. This will not end well. I've been publicly bearish since $14.
                      • Charles Moscoe | Send Message 16 Mar

                        $HEAR is a lot like $MSLP. Both make great products at great prices but both are broken business models and uninvestible.
                          • John Nicholson | Send Message 9 Mar

                            Where is Q4 2014? $MSLP executives too busy playing musical chairs & counting their pay to give necessary information to shareholders?
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                            • dindin21 | Send Message 13 Mar
                              : What do you mean? It is monday.............
                              • Charles Moscoe | Send Message 5 Mar

                                MusclePhraud strikes again with another murky deal designed to screw existing shareholders. $MSLP
                                  • mhouli | Send Message 26 Feb

                                    $MSLP Reuters consensus non-GAAP EPS estimate for fiscal year 2014 was increased by 69.23% to $0.22. 1 analyst contributed 02/23/2015.
                                      • dindin21 | Send Message 26 Feb

                                        $MSLP There is no volume I am very confident in a pop on Q4 earnings release/call
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                                        • dindin21 | Send Message 8 Mar
                                          : The new Arnold bar frosted cinnamon bun tasted literally like a cinnamon bun. Based on my perception there I think Q1 will be huge again.
                                        • mhouli | Send Message 9 Mar
                                          : Yeah not sure how the ramp-up costs will effect the numbers, but i think that's what hurt Q3 with launching CoCo Protein and wreckage.
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                                          Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, MusclePharm is a rapidly expanding healthy life-style company that develops and manufactures a full line of NSF and scientifically approved nutritional supplements that are 100% free of any banned substances. Based on years of research, MusclePharm products are... More