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Mylan Inc (MYL)

  • wazzaofwallst | Send Message 23 Jun

    Our DCF shows Mylan N.V is available at a 14% discount $MYL:
      • Amigobulls | Send Message 22 Jun

        $ETFC $HSP $MYL $RHT among our top rated technical stocks.
          • James Stefurak, CFA | Send Message 11 Jun

            Sell out of the $IBB while you can. Some of the stocks in this ETF remind me of the dotcom crash. $REGN, $MYL, $AGN to name a few.
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            • Frog Legs | Send Message 11 Jun
              : Not in to that stock!?
            • luckylalo | Send Message 18 Jun
              : I'll do the opposite of whatever you say, thank you.
              • CareStocks | Send Message 11 Jun

                Healthcare M&A: Continued Growth Fueled By Acquisitions $TEVA, $PRGO, $MYL
                  • Energysystems | Send Message 11 Jun

                    $TEVA raises stake in $MYL to above 3%. Dutch law allows investors w/ stake of at least 3% to propose agenda items at shareholder meetings.
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                    • matratra | Send Message 12 Jun
                      : I agree for later part & both need to correct. In big correction TEVA will go back $40-$50 & MYL will down to earth. If there is big
                    • matratra | Send Message 12 Jun
                      : Correction & count on it.
                      • Sunny Goklani | Send Message 7 Jun

                        The Love-Hate Drug Triangle Of 2015: A Behavioral Analysis $MYL, $PRGO
                          • Special Situations and Arbs | Send Message 28 May

                            The Love Triangle In Generic Drugs $MYL
                              • Energysystems | Send Message 27 May

                                $TEVA purchases 1.35% of $MYL on the open market, according to a filing.
                                  • rnh13 | Send Message 18 May

                                    $PFE rumored to look for large acquisition like $GILD or $TEVA with or without $MYL. See Mylan Chair recent comments.
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                                    • T-time | Send Message 18 May
                                      : PFE cannot afford GILD - that ship has sailed...
                                    • derrickthms182 | Send Message 18 May
                                      : GILD doesn't need snake oil peddlers like MRK and PFE. Garbage companies that are short sighted and bloated. With 10x less employees
                                      • Nonko Trading | Send Message 13 May

                                        Weekly Editor's Stock Picks $DOW, $MCD, $MYL
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                                          Company Description
                                          Mylan NVtogether with its subsidiaries, is a pharmaceutical company, which develops, licenses, manufactures, markets and distributes generic, branded generic and specialty pharmaceuticals.
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Drugs - Generic
                                          Country: United States