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Nordic American Tankers Limited (NAT)

  • Daniel Carlson | Send Message 22 May

    Holy Guacamole! TNP puts up a HUGE quarter. This should spark a nice rally in the sector today. $TNP, $NNA, $NAT, $TNK, $FRO
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    • Daniel Carlson | Send Message 22 May
      : However, $STNG owns lots of product tankers which is a group I think will outperform later this year and next, so I like it longer term.
    • D-struction | Send Message 22 May
      : good to hear
      • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 14 May

        Tanker rates reaching near-record seasonal pricing while most stocks remain depressed. $FRO, $NAT, $EURN, $ASC, $TNK.
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        • Equitable Research | Send Message 15 May
          : You know what contracts were bought in the $100M flurry?
        • brendang0027 | Send Message 19 May
          : Anyone adding to $FRO here?
          • Quantified Alpha | Send Message 10 May

            Model projects long term downside in $NAT. Valuation is far too stretched, and earnings quality is weak
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            • Tom Landry | Send Message 10 May
              : Wow Chancer, 3200 comments, 8 StockTalks! Where have you been all this time? :-)
            • Chancer | Send Message 11 May
              : $NAT had a great quarter as reported today. Stock up 5.8% to 12.03.
              • Chancer | Send Message 5 May

                $NAT down over 6%. Any news?
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                • Chancer | Send Message 5 May
                  : $NAT went ex-div today which accounts for 3% of the drop. But 7% is a bit much if tanker sector is not down. There is no news yet.
                • Chancer | Send Message 5 May
                  : I think SA price is tracking wrong from incorrect opening price of 12.34 that is only down 4.7% from correct open of 11.99. Mostly ex-div.
                  • bigazul | Send Message 27 Apr

                    some profit-taking on $NAT prior to ex-div...20f just came out...
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                    • bigazul | Send Message 27 Apr
                      : although other shippers getting hit today also
                      • clyde5 | Send Message 22 Apr

                        What is best guess on $NAT stock price come May 5th?
                          • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 14 Apr

                            Sold $NAT Jul15 $11c for $1.95. Gain of 343% (4.5x) in approx. 1 month. Still long shares. Lots of upside left, but not getting greedy.
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                            • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 14 Apr
                              : Hopefully- my readers will certainly be happy, still am long the common! Very happy with my profit tho, can't get TOO greedy.
                            • tradebr2010 | Send Message 14 Apr
                              : IV is low at 36% on May expiration's. But, the graphic indicated a breakout...Hopefully!
                              • | Send Message 14 Apr

                                $nat $clf $fro $uwti $clne playing this week, hope to be out of all and catch ge at the bottom after earnings.
                                  • J Mintzmyer | Send Message 14 Apr

                                    Fantastic dividend raise by $NAT, as predicted (I expected 40c). 12% yield at today's prices, still up to 50% upside left.
                                      • | Send Message 14 Apr

                                        $NAT will nao be in play off of nats report
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                                          Company Description
                                          Nordic American Tankers Ltd formerly Nordic American Tanker Shipping Limited is an international tanker company that owns 24 double-hull Suezmax tankers, two of which are newbuildings that average approximately 156,000 dwt each.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Industry: Shipping
                                          Country: United States