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Nuveen North Carolina Premium Income Municipal Fund (NNC)

  • cefalpha | Send Message 10 Jun

    Muni closed-end discounts dive as rates rise: $NRO $NNC $MHI $NIO top most heavily discounted lists.
      • Dr. Kris | Send Message 15 Mar 2013

        The rotation continues: Muni bond funds feeling real pain today. Breaking major support levels: $NMY, $NNC, $NPV, $VGM, $VMO.
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        • TruffelPig | Send Message 15 Mar 2013
          : I didn't even see that and repeated it. LOL. I get away with it - my second language ;P
        • mrmedusa | Send Message 15 Mar 2013
          : Have some PTFYX to park 1/2 sales pofits and divs. Sort of drip. Hope to have higher monthly in 5 years when I retire.
          • ETFdesk | Send Message 1 Dec 2009

            NMT, NNC, NTC registered with the S.E.C. to issue Muni Fund Term Preferreds (MTPs) to Refinance their ARPs -
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              Company Description
              To provide current income exempt from regular federal and North Carolina income tax and to enhance portfolio value relative to the municipal bond market by investing in tax-exempt municipal bonds that the Funds investment adviser believes are underrated or