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Northern Tier Energy (NTI)

  • dundey | Send Message 15 Apr

    $LNCO, $NTI - some nice run ups on some of the mlp's / energy over last few days
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    • dantes1 | Send Message 16 Apr
      : kiss of death
      • Tim Plaehn | Send Message 8 Apr

        Fast Math: Will Northern Tier Energy Declare A 6% Distribution For Q1, Producing A 25% Price Gain? $NTI
          • Tim Plaehn | Send Message 6 Mar

            I Missed, But Really Didn't Miss, On My Northern Tier Energy Variable Distribution Forecast $NTI
              • Albert Alfonso | Send Message 2 Mar

                Northern Tier Energy - Who Said Lower Oil Prices Were A Bad Thing? $NTI
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                • dundey | Send Message 2 Mar
                  : $NTI probably a bit high right now. Buy at anything less than $22
                  • Detroit Bear | Send Message 27 Feb

                    Fantastic Results Reinforce Northern Tier Thesis $NTI
                      • pokalolo | Send Message 26 Feb
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                        • bd4uandu | Send Message 27 Feb
                          : The more we spend on gas the less we have for the essentials.
                        • pokalolo | Send Message 27 Feb
                          : true, but, the crack spread is 12 bucks and that is quite tasty to refiner profits >)
                          • dundey | Send Message 12 Feb

                            Can't figure out $NTI - down again today. Looks like a buy (or add for me) at these levels.
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                            • pokalolo | Send Message 26 Feb
                            • dundey | Send Message 26 Feb
                              : Yep, better quarter than I thought but this is a solid long term accumulate.
                              • Albert Alfonso | Send Message 10 Feb

                                Northern Tier Energy: The Reduced Distribution Is Not As Bad As It Seems $NTI
                                  • pokalolo | Send Message 6 Feb

                                    $NTI declares 49 cents.. Lighter then I though..We thought 70s No following big refiners or low retail sales.Won't know till release #s
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                                    • pokalolo | Send Message 6 Feb
                                      : not even a tiny reaction in AH.. Will watch till close
                                      • pokalolo | Send Message 28 Jan

                                        $NTI and WNR.. was just reading oil flash & right side had blurb. WNR CEO moves to NTI >> Can't find under symbols > Anyone have info ?
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                                        • pokalolo | Send Message 28 Jan
                                          : lo siento.. I got it now.. Wasn't under WNR
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                                          Company Description
                                          Northern Tier Energy LP is an independent downstream energy company with refining, retail and pipeline operations that serve the PADD II region of the United States.