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Oasis Petroleum Inc. (OAS)

  • LaboMedic | Send Message 5 Mar

    $OAS Canaccord Downgrades Oasis Petroleum Inc. (OAS) To Hold; Sees No Sufficient Upside
      • pokalolo | Send Message 4 Mar

        $OAS a pure dilution play Just for debt & not a bit of growth
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        • BTD70 | Send Message 4 Mar
          : ominous.
          • The Value Investor | Send Message 3 Mar

            Oasis Petroleum - Remaining Cautious Amid Leverage And Higher Capital Investment Costs $OAS
              • D-struction | Send Message 24 Feb

                More $OAS. Massive buy in last 10 minutes. Yes, It is just a bet on more buying ahead of ER tomorrow.
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                • D-struction | Send Message 25 Feb
                  : $SM was miserable and they were up 1$% today.... no consistency. Place your bets.
                • pokalolo | Send Message 25 Feb
                  : Pounding OPEC emergency meeting on ALL business channels right after Inventory #s.. There is big player $s dumping into the public hands >)
                  • D-struction | Send Message 24 Feb

                    Thoughts on 1) $OAS selling off today and 2) buying more ahead of ER tomorrow?
                      • bdoo | Send Message 24 Feb

                        Buying $OAS on the dip for $15.52
                          • stasdelaware | Send Message 19 Feb

                            $OAS quick money today in 15.9--->out 16.8. You gotta love those oil swings
                              • Cory Mitchell, CMT | Send Message 18 Feb

                                Cut Your Day Trading Work Load w/ This High Volatility Stock Screen $STUDY On list: $LPI $BBG $OAS $GPRO $NBR
                                  • D-struction | Send Message 13 Feb

                                    OMG owning so much $WLL, $OAS and $CRK on a day oil is breaking through. Taking some profit here.
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                                    • stasdelaware | Send Message 13 Feb
                                      : Also sold leftovers of $EXXI - 25% up in 3 days.
                                    • D-struction | Send Message 14 Feb
                                      : Got out of $EXXI way too early. Just aggravated me.
                                      • D-struction | Send Message 11 Feb

                                        $OAS, $AXAS I will be patient with you. Had a buddy tell me he heard from a bunch of CFAs that oil has a real shot of $30. Thoughts?
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                                        • stasdelaware | Send Message 11 Feb
                                          : Missed $OAS today @14.85. Did well on $CRK from yesterday's lows.
                                        • D-struction | Send Message 11 Feb
                                          : Long both. IN love.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Oasis Petroleum Inc is an exploration and production company. The Company acquires and develops unconventional oil and natural gas resources in the Montana and North Dakota regions of the Williston Basin.