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Ocata Therapeutics, Inc. (OCAT)

  • DWD Investing | Send Message 24 Mar

    $OCAT Ocata Therapeutics Licenses Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Technology from Allele Biotechnology
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    • DWD Investing | Send Message 26 Mar
      : e.g., sell or license blood program, and let others license the necessary cells from Allele for Phase I trials. What am I missing here?
    • DWD Investing | Send Message 26 Mar
      : I guess the entity could want Ocata to do it all, and just give them money?
      • DWD Investing | Send Message 20 Mar

        $OCAT Does anyone know what the connection between OCAT and CHA is? I read that CHA owns 60% of the blood program outside of the US.
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        • DWD Investing | Send Message 20 Mar
          : And 100% in Korea and Japan.
          • DWD Investing | Send Message 17 Mar

            $OCAT Ocata Therapeutics Receives Regulatory Guidance from European Medicines Agency (SPA for the EU!)
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            • DWD Investing | Send Message 19 Mar
              : It's like getting approval to move from Phase I to Phase II, economically speaking. It is good, but the US SPA is lagging. Hope Wotton . . .
            • DWD Investing | Send Message 19 Mar
              : surprises us again.
              • DWD Investing | Send Message 13 Mar

                $OCAT Tehre is virtually no liquidity in this stock currently. Bid and ask at current price equals 800/300. That's shares available!
                  • ACTC basher | Send Message 12 Mar

                    $OCAT TD Ameritrade acct: 3/11/15 Jaywalk consensus of 4 independent ratings is a HOLD: 2 buys, 1 sell, 1 strong sell.
                      • DWD Investing | Send Message 11 Mar

                        $OCAT March 12, 2015 at 4:30 P.M. Q4/Yearly Conference Call: Friday should be 'interesting.'
                          • IC2 | Send Message 10 Mar

                            So the advocates of $OCAT are now happy that they called it.
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                            • IC2 | Send Message 11 Mar
                              : Called that $OCAT will quickly descend to ~6 cents.
                            • DWD Investing | Send Message 12 Mar
                              : Oh, right, well, that was a given. I was one of those, but I'm not happy about it.
                              • brooksrs3 | Send Message 6 Mar

                       $OCAT made the short list!!!
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                                • DWD Investing | Send Message 6 Mar
                                  : It will be interesting to see what the short interest is on NASDAQ, when they report it next.
                                • DWD Investing | Send Message 6 Mar
                                  : This equity is extremely thinly traded.
                                  • DWD Investing | Send Message 5 Mar

                                    $OCAT Is it correct that OCAT has zero short interest currently?
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                                    • jsiebel720 | Send Message 5 Mar
                                      : OTC BB stocks do not report SI... Now that OCAT is uplisted, NASDAQ has to get SI #'s...
                                    • DWD Investing | Send Message 6 Mar
                                      : js--Ah that makes sense. We should know after 2 weeks on NASDAQ the true short interest. Thanks for pointing that out.
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                                      Ocata Therapeutics Inc is a clinical stage biotechnology company in development & commercialization of Regenerative Ophthalmology therapeutics for Stargardt's macular degeneration, dry age-related macular degeneration, & myopic macular degeneration.