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Omega Protein Corporation (OME)

  • Vic Grossi | Send Message 4 Jan

    Omega Protein Corporation: Value Shopping For The Company's Crown Jewels $OME
      • Southern Equities | Send Message 19 Nov 2014

        No Alpha In Omega Protein $OME
          • ComputerBlue | Send Message 25 Sep 2014

            Picked up $OME at 12.64.
              • Michael Schulte | Send Message 23 Sep 2014

                Omega Protein Corporation: Fishing For Value $OME
                  • Emerging Growth | Send Message 9 Sep 2014

                    Company With Simple Business Model Equals Big Opportunity $OME
                      • ryanahughes | Send Message 25 Aug 2014

                        Great turnaround on $OME. Fundamentals look great.
                          • ryanahughes | Send Message 8 Aug 2014

                            $OME is having a tough time finding it's footing. A beat on rev and earn not enough to counteract "lumpy" guidance and higher input prices.
                              • Mike Zaman | Send Message 8 May 2014

                                Flextronics Intl (FLEX) Partners With Ichor, Synthetic Biologics (SYN) New Patents In... $FLEX, $SYN, $OME
                                  • Lares Capital | Send Message 7 May 2014

                                    Huge beat by $OME on top and bottom lines third quarter in a row...the company is incredibly undervalued...
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                                    • PICOLOMINI | Send Message 8 May 2014
                                      : Thanks , read your Pro, missed to act, will act now, does´nt seem too late.
                                    • PICOLOMINI | Send Message 8 May 2014
                                      : you said OME moderately 21% undervalued plus likely effect this year of El Nino might cause supply disruption of anchovies,= +30% price
                                      • Lares Capital | Send Message 30 Apr 2014

                                        I don't think any $OME investors follows news at all. The stock should be going through the roof:
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                                          Company Description
                                          Omega Protein Corp is a nutritional ingredient company. It develops, produces and delivers healthy products throughout the world to improve nutritional integrity of foods, dietary supplements and animal feeds.