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Obagi Medical Products, Inc. (OMPI)

OMPI is defunct.
  • rrobster | Send Message 20 Mar 2013

    $OMPI: Big news today (UP 28%) but did the board take a low ball offer from Valeant?
      • Dr. Kris | Send Message 20 Mar 2013

        Just when you least expect it: Last summer's highly anticipated buyout of Obagi Medical $OMPI didn't occur...until everyone jumped ship...
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        • crimsongator | Send Message 3 Apr 2013
          : Don't listen Ipobeans! Let it ride!
        • ipobeans | Send Message 5 Apr 2013
          : It's like blackjack... One more hand please? Or Avon. Feel free to join.
          • StockMatusow | Send Message 19 Oct 2012

            I have a new Seeking Alpha article out which offers some critique about the Obagi ($OMPI) situation at
              • scubastevo80 | Send Message 15 Oct 2012

                Voce's new letter to fellow OMPI shareholders.
                  • StockMatusow | Send Message 2 Oct 2012

                    My new article is out concerning an $OMPI activist shareholder @
                      • chatela | Send Message 20 Sep 2012

                        i have read that cfo and others have sold 95000 OMPI shares it is not a good signal,isn't?
                          • StockMatusow | Send Message 14 Sep 2012

                            Remember $OMPI trading strat I talked about, buy under 12.50, sell near 13 -- If my thesis is correct, refer to my latest YouTube audio
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                            • akiva112 | Send Message 14 Sep 2012
                              : What is the date of the video? Could you provide a link?
                            • StockMatusow | Send Message 14 Sep 2012
                              • StockMatusow | Send Message 11 Sep 2012

                                I sold my 10k of $OMPI reason = short interest 3 out of 4 sessions over 90% = looking to buy back a lot lower. feel shake out coming there
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                                • LEIGHDIST | Send Message 13 Sep 2012
                                  : don't cut ompi sort it's a great co. and someone will buy it, maybe not Avon but i do beleive there will be a buy out.
                                • GaryLee276 | Send Message 20 Sep 2012
                                  : What is up with OMPI. Hulbert down graded OMPI?
                                  • ZetaKap | Send Message 30 Aug 2012

                                    4 Cash Loaded Biotech Stocks With Little Debt $CYCC $OMPI $SSRX $VNDA @ZetaKap
                                      • StockMatusow | Send Message 28 Aug 2012

                                        Something might be brewing with $OMPI and no, I do not know exactly what it is, and don't know if it's a buy out, looks like accumulation
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                                        • gtgtbangbang | Send Message 5 Sep 2012
                                          : new OPO has agreed to pay Koogly a royalty in an amount that is less than one percent of net sales that are sold through the Obagi website
                                        • bh201252 | Send Message 5 Sep 2012
                                          : thanks!
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                                          Company Description
                                          The Company was founded as WorldWide Product Distribution, Inc. (“Worldwide”) in 1988. OMP Acquisition Corporation was incorporated in California in October 1997 to purchase substantially all of the assets and to assume the accounts payable and related operating liabilities of WorldWide and... More
                                          Sector: Healthcare
                                          Industry: Biotechnology
                                          Country: United States