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Oshkosh Corporation (OSK)

  • Eric Muathe | Send Message 13 Aug

      • Stephen Simpson, CFA | Send Message 3 Aug

        Oshkosh Getting Squashed $OSK
          • jrusso9722 | Send Message 30 Jul

            $OSK 7-30-15. Buy Opport. $30B JLTV win would mean years of Defense $. Good chance.. You make money when you buy, not when you sell. :)
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            • nase8 | Send Message 30 Jul
              : And a loss of JLTV means sub $30
            • jrusso9722 | Send Message 31 Jul
              : Yes, I agree. I'm optimistic on this, part of my risk factor :) Risky, Could be that all vehicles passed tests.
              • nase8 | Send Message 30 Jul

                $OSK All in on JLTV...
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                • nase8 | Send Message 30 Jul
                  : and hope for good results with a lot of downside risk if they do not get it, or jump in after its announced and hold for a year or two
                • nase8 | Send Message 30 Jul
                  : If they dont get it I dont see any reason to hold the stock
                  • jrusso9722 | Send Message 24 Jul

                    $OSK- Believe $38-39 per share for a stock which has a good chance on $30B JLTV. You make money when you buy, not when you sell.
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                    • jrusso9722 | Send Message 24 Jul
                      : $38-39 is too low, IMHO.
                    • nase8 | Send Message 24 Jul
                      : Heard they just lost on a Canada contract...don't think it was huge...JLTV will be make or break that's for sure.
                      • jrusso9722 | Send Message 9 Jul

                        $OSK @ $40. JLTV decision looms. Worth a buy. Risk? I can't see OSK losing out on JLTV, or some part of it.
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                        • nase8 | Send Message 9 Jul
                          : I am going to wait until after earnings im betting on a lower price.
                        • jrusso9722 | Send Message 10 Jul
                          : It is getting interesting. I think about OSK often, appreciate the superior mil.trucks,. Commercial too. Facebook pages fun too.
                          • nase8 | Send Message 7 Jul

                            $OSK buy time or wait until after what I expect to be poor quarter earnings, could be already priced in however?
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                            • I_JUNGLE_BOY | Send Message 7 Jul
                              : wait till earnings...that way you don't get nailed to may miss a % pts on the rise but always find that to be safer method
                              • Alexander Valtsev | Send Message 1 Jul

                                Oshkosh Corporation Offers A Deep Value Trade $OSK
                                  • nase8 | Send Message 30 Jun

                                    Need more days like today, $FIT 14% $XOMA 6%, just biding my time to enter $OSK next.
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                                    • IndyPEG | Send Message 30 Jun
                                      : Looks like $XOMA caught a bid intraday. What's up?
                                    • nase8 | Send Message 1 Jul
                                      : Waiting on those July results!
                                      • jrusso9722 | Send Message 25 Jun

                                        $OSK in finals for $30B JLTV Army. 2 other bidders. Osk needs win. Legendary Osk quality & performance.
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                                        • jrusso9722 | Send Message 1 Jul
                                          : Good advice, as I watch Osk drop again today, July 1.
                                        • nase8 | Send Message 1 Jul
                                          : Yeah $40 will get me interested going to hold out for awhile until then.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Oshkosh Corp along with its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures and markets specialty vehicles and vehicle bodies. The Company operates in four segments namely access equipment, defense, fire and emergency & commercial.