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Phelps Dodge Corp. (PD)

PD is defunct.
  • LIQUNPU | Send Message 8 Dec 2014

    Canada Will Have Crisis In 2 Years $PSI, $MEG, $PD
      • FortSumter | Send Message 12 Jul 2012

        DDD Great article in USA Today about 3d printing. As a former design engineer, I can attest to its benefits and trimming of the PD cycle.
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        • FortSumter | Send Message 12 Jul 2012
          : That said, they report July 26th and I wonder if the increasing number of warnings due to tightened capex spending will neg. affect them.
          • Market Maven | Send Message 12 Jul 2011

            mb2 - HA at PD one-liner!
              • Rocco Pendola | Send Message 30 May 2011

                OK, last self-critical tweet... "At the end of the day..." what a horrible crutch. I feel like I am both host and PD in an aircheck session!
                  • MarketGuy | Send Message 20 May 2011

                    Joe C, Treasury data to make a point regarding inflation? Who's the ONLY buyer of Treasuries? Yep, the Fed with it's PD ponzi deputies!
                      • MarketGuy | Send Message 16 Mar 2011

                        Bernank "rescheduled" POMO for 12:05 today for better bond hit for PD's. f'ing horsecrap! This proves who owns the market!
                          • Joe Morgan | Send Message 4 Feb 2011

                            POMO doesn't inflates stock prices it monetizes the forces PD to buy treasuries...
                              • MarketGuy | Send Message 2 Feb 2011

                                Treasury injecting $25B tomorrow to PD's (read: GS, JPM, C, etc)...this is on top of, and in addition to, POMO. down day would be a shock.
                                  • MarketGuy | Send Message 25 Jan 2011

                                    71% of POMO today were the richest T's submitted by PD's. Fed giving max profit to banks and max pain to taxpayers.
                                      • MarketGuy | Send Message 6 Jan 2011

                                        tuna, if the PD's are rolling out of T's that fast and in those amounts...well, the jig is up. I'm happy getting silver on dips
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