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PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. (PMCB)

  • SocietyInk | Send Message 27 Mar

    $PMCB - wild price swings. Nothing more than profit taking, stay LONG and STRONG!
      • pennywatchdog | Send Message 27 Mar
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        • jpdadddy32 | Send Message 27 Mar
          : Keep the great news coming my friend! Just read this on my Ameritrade site, sounds like they have their house in order. Go PMCB!
        • pennywatchdog | Send Message 27 Mar
          : Yes, once the cGMP cells are completed the trials can commence in earnest, and the current trial w mice for ascites will be done in May.
          • pennywatchdog | Send Message 26 Mar

            $PMCB The beginning is here!!!
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            • dibrown | Send Message 26 Mar
              : a credit that is long overdue, thanks you GS
            • jpdadddy32 | Send Message 26 Mar
              : Hang in there boys and girls, there will be some profit taking. Lots of daytrading and shorts at play here as we all know!
              • pennywatchdog | Send Message 24 Mar

                $PMCB I confronted a pump&dumper, and got blocked! There is no answer for the lies, there is NO P&D!!!! Real company, real trials, period.
                  • 34281145 | Send Message 19 Mar

                    $PMCB...Can i buy it?
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                    • kcortes | Send Message 26 Mar
                      : Ask Goldman Research
                    • 34281145 | Send Message 26 Mar
                      : Its great!.. Looks like this stock will be up 2 digit in 2 years ...
                      • pennywatchdog | Send Message 19 Mar

                        $PMCB LOL have you seen the ridiculous twitter? War waging btwn LT honest traders and dark forces p&d. Hilarious, but
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                        • pennywatchdog | Send Message 19 Mar
                          : 3428... imho now is a great time for PMCB, seriously downtrodden, 52 week low, constant good news updates, trials in progress, good company
                        • pennywatchdog | Send Message 19 Mar
                          : but I am a hopeless perma-bull, and do not give advice, just my honest opinion.
                          • pennywatchdog | Send Message 16 Mar

                            $PMCB right on target...
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                            • SocietyInk | Send Message 16 Mar
                              : Great news and great price. Q3 will be the taking off point and longs will be rewarded.
                            • 34281145 | Send Message 19 Mar
                              : is it BUY?
                              • PharmaBro | Send Message 9 Mar
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                                • kcortes | Send Message 9 Mar
                                  : everything is going great, research is being done and trials will start when they get the manufacturing approval, its on their page.
                                • kcortes | Send Message 9 Mar
                                  : i love the professional look & feel of the new website, and the great navigation. Top notch stuff, real pro!
                                  • PharmaBro | Send Message 9 Mar
                                      • Tile | Send Message 5 Mar

                                        $pmcb. No cigar. Looks it is heading down to who knows 5 cents before bouncing back up.
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                                        • Tile | Send Message 10 Mar
                                          : Jay we're warriors. We in it to win. Weren't going nowhere. Cell-in-a-box will pop somewhere, and big Pharmas will take notice.
                                        • jayb2410 | Send Message 10 Mar
                                          : we are gladiators! we are warriors! we are in it to win BIG! Cell-in-the-box will lead to money-in-the-bank! calm down, Jay!
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                                          PharmaCyte Biotech is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing and preparing to commercialize treatments for cancer and diabetes based upon a proprietary cellulose-based live cell encapsulation technology known as Cell-in-a-Box. This unique and patented technology will be... More
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                                          Country: United States