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PPL Corporation (PPL)

  • neobliviscar | Send Message 19 Mar

    If any followed me into $SO and $PPL last week, I continue to sell Calls here for the Cov Call yardage. $SO may have more upside.
      • neobliviscar | Send Message 18 Mar

        And now it is getting a bit ridiculous. Selling a few of our longs like $EWW and selling some calls on $PPL and $SO.
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        • neobliviscar | Send Message 18 Mar
          : Was long in the low 70s, pieced out in the 80s, went short at $90 and lost on that tapping out at $92-92.5. But then my valuations models
        • neobliviscar | Send Message 18 Mar
          : are all for crap since Yellen took the helm. Everything just up, up,& up. As Dalio hinted, no point to find value. Just be long everything.
          • neobliviscar | Send Message 2 Mar

            Buying 2000 $PPL here. Will add another 3000 with any dip below $33.
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            • wheelz23 | Send Message 2 Mar
              : why has it been dropping?
            • neobliviscar | Send Message 3 Mar
              : Risk on & Interest Rate raise on the table? Post earnings pessimism? Both $SO & $PPL taken it in the teeth. Building larger position in $SO.
              • neobliviscar | Send Message 17 Feb

                Into $SO here. 2000 to start. Looking to double that sub $45. Watching $PPL
                  • neobliviscar | Send Message 13 Feb

                    Staggering buys of $SO here in $45-46 range. Also placing buys of $PPL in $33-34 range. These will be Cov Call yield generators (oops pun).
                      • Horizon Investments | Send Message 6 Feb

                        Update: Continued Regulated Expansion Will Bode Well For PPL Corp. $PPL
                          • Sure Dividend | Send Message 4 Feb

                            Buffett's Alpha Research Review: $NEM $DPS $ED $SO $GIS $DUK $KMB $AMT $PPL $SRCL $WEC
                              • Equity Watch | Send Message 5 Jan

                                PPL Corp. To Reward Investors In 2015 $PPL
                                  • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 17 Dec 2014

                                    Swing Trading Watch-List: $CIEN $JDSU $SBUX $URBN $PPL
                                      • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 10 Dec 2014

                                        Possible Opportunity Emerging For My Bearish List of Trade Setups | $GM $F$ ETN $P $PPL $SFUN $SPWR $DISCA
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                                          Company Description
                                          PPL Corp is an energy and utility holding company through its subsidiaries, is engaged in the generation and marketing of electricity in the northeastern and western U.S. and in the delivery of electricity in Pennsylvania and the U.K.
                                          Sector: Utilities
                                          Country: United States