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PowerShares Dynamic Semiconductors Portfolio ETF (PSI)

  • Vetr | Send Message 17 Dec 2014

    Meet This Year's Top Technology ETF $INTC $PSI $QCOM $MSFT $AAPL $TXN
      • LIQUNPU | Send Message 8 Dec 2014

        Canada Will Have Crisis In 2 Years $PSI, $MEG, $PD
          • Vetr | Send Message 17 Jul 2014

            A Small but Powerful Semiconductor ETF $INTC $PSI $QCOM $GDXJ $TXN $EPI
              • Paulo Santos | Send Message 6 Mar 2012

                In one of the funniest twists to the Greek PSI, 4 Greek pension funds have refused the deal.
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                • humahuaca | Send Message 6 Mar 2012
                  : yeah that one really is odd huh? What are they thinking? Do they own CDS? Will they collapse if they accept the swap? Would love to know
                  • blablah | Send Message 6 Mar 2012

                    Bottom is in,can drop more thurs/friday depending on greek PSI..folks assume tht CBs will keep it afloat. Emploment no. shd be + though
                      • blablah | Send Message 5 Mar 2012

                        So if the greek PSI is more than 95% on thursday ,will it cause another 1% jump ?
                          • Ned Edward | Send Message 29 Feb 2012

                            gold, silver, and equities down together feels more like PSI failure in the works than anything bernank said, but i suck at this
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                            • USisCorrupt | Send Message 29 Feb 2012
                              : I call it manipulation and the best way to buy Government subsidized Physical PM's. It great as long as it last.
                              • Ned Edward | Send Message 27 Jan 2012

                                S&B's comment got me thinking... Quick poll: Is Greek PSI deal announcement a perfect time to "sell the news"??? Will you buy or sell news??
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                                • Skull & Bones | Send Message 27 Jan 2012
                                  : Don't forget the market reaction to US debt ceiling "fix" last summer......and the "monster rally" in July AFTER QE2 expired.....I can go on
                                • realornot | Send Message 27 Jan 2012
                                  : "monster rally" in July last yr. >>>> "monster collapse" this July
                                  • Ned Edward | Send Message 27 Jan 2012

                                    judging by the euro, I'd guess we're getting greece PSI "news" soon. We'll keep celebrating it even after participation is less than 50%
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                                    • Skull & Bones | Send Message 27 Jan 2012
                                      : Yes, but reaction relatively short-lived....just long enough to squeeze the impatient shorts just like FED announcement.
                                      • Native Texan | Send Message 23 Jan 2012

                                        "Gross: The cock-a-roaches are in the Greek PSI house. Hedge funds calling the shots - policy exterminators losing their control."
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