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Pioneer Natural Resources Company (PXD)

  • Yiwen Nni | Send Message 55m

    2015 not good 4 Seth Klarman :-( $KERX $MU $IMOS $NCQ $TBPH $VRTV $SEMI $AR $NG $KOS $PXD $KIN $ELOS $PRTK $LNG $KLXI $BXE $OCN $THRX $FWP
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    • Tom Landry | Send Message 21m
      : Yeah I know some of these signs.
      • Stephen Brocker | Send Message 25 Jul

        $USO $BNO $CHK $COP $XOM $CVX $ESV $RIG $SDRL $HES $PXD $EOG $SWN Great oil article
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        • stasdelaware | Send Message 25 Jul
          : Thanks.
          • Robert Duval | Send Message 24 Jul

            Everyone was a bull on $PXD at 151 and 200, no one wants it 122. Things never change. CNBC finally tells us energy Bear Thanks guys!
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            • Robert Duval | Send Message 24 Jul
              : @Michael, or buy high, pundit it loudly, goes low, crickets, hope people forget. I don't forget. I know who was blowing horn @ energy highs
            • Robert Duval | Send Message 24 Jul
              : Track who was right and who is wrong. Don't get fooled again by the promoters. Tons on wall street and right here too
              • Sarfaraz A. Khan | Send Message 24 Jul

                Pioneer Natural Resources Stock Is Getting Slammed, But Not For Long $PXD
                  • The Traveling Investor | Send Message 17 Jul

                    Pioneer Natural Resources Is A Poor Investment $PXD
                      • Hope128 | Send Message 7 Jul

                        Can't believe $CHK is green, GS picks it as 1 of 10 Stocks With the Most Upside Potential, $DAL, $AAL, $LUV, $WYNN,$WDC,$PXD
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                        • wheelz23 | Send Message 8 Jul
                          : hard to call a bottom in this environment...everything drops in panic-selling
                        • Ocean Man | Send Message 8 Jul
                          : Outperformed $COG and $RICE too.
                          • Clayton Rulli | Send Message 18 Jun

                            if $PXD doesnt hold here... lookout
                              • Callum Turcan | Send Message 17 Jun

                                Delaware Basin shale plays are extremely economical, $XEC & $CVX teamed up to develop them $PXD $COP
                                  • John Vincent | Send Message 17 Jun

                                    Seth Klarman is bullish on $ATRA, $PXD, $AR, and $KERX. See
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                                      Company Description
                                      Pioneer Natural Resources Co is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in the United States.