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The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc (RBS)

  • Aug. 4, 2010, 8:10 AM
    As expected, Santander (STD) agrees to buy 318 U.K. branches from RBS (RBS +0.6%) for about £1.65B ($2.6B).  The transaction will have a positive effect on Santander's earnings per share from the first year. (PR)
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  • Aug. 3, 2010, 7:31 AM
    RBS (RBS) is expected to announce, possibly as soon as today, the sale of a 318-branch network in the U.K. to Santander (STD) for as much as £2B ($3.2B). The purchase will let Santander continue its major U.K. expansion, pushing the bank ahead of HSBC (HBC) as the fourth-largest network in the country.
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  • Aug. 2, 2010, 7:50 AM
    As the first of the U.K. banks to report H1 earnings, HSBC's (HBC +5.1%) earnings beat is lifting the rest of the sector: BCS +3.9%, RBS +1.5%, LYG +6.7%, DB +1.6%, UBS +1.8%, ING +4.3%, STD +3%, CS +1.7%.
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  • Jul. 29, 2010, 11:31 AM
    Still not convinced that Europe debt concerns have eased post-stress tests? Libor is heading lower. (Euribor, on the other hand, is still floating upward.)
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  • Jul. 26, 2010, 11:20 AM
    The stress tests behind them, European banks turn to their next challenge: raising billions of dollars in long-term funding to finance new lending.
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  • Jul. 23, 2010, 10:18 AM
    Once the bank stress test hype ("enough to make people forget for a few hours that the world is bankrupt, but not enough for them to throw their life savings into the market with giddy fervor") abates, EU regulators might want to explain why Libor has been steadily climbing since April, and now stands at its highest point in a year.
  • Jul. 23, 2010, 8:29 AM
    Ralph Silva, director of Silva Research Network, takes issue with the very concept of stress tests at this juncture. "You don't ask someone to run a marathon a week after they broke their leg," he tells CNBC. "By doing these stress tests what we are in fact doing is highlighting the problems that are going to stop them from lending instead of encouraging them to lend."
  • Jul. 23, 2010, 8:21 AM
    10 of the 91 banks subjected to EU stress tests will fail, according to a Goldman Sachs investor poll. Most respondents expect banks will need to raise between 10 and 50 billion euros - led by banks domiciled in Spain, Germany and Greece. A different poll predicts several surprises among those that fail, while a majority of WSJ readers expect 0-5 failures.
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  • Jul. 22, 2010, 9:23 AM
    EU officials' overt confidence that their countries' banks will easily pass stress tests has left analysts anything but reassured. "All banks passing the tests would mean the tests were useless," London economist Marie Diron says.
  • Jul. 22, 2010, 7:19 AM
    Santander (STD +4%) is reportedly considering a London flotation of its U.K. operations by the end of the year, which could raise as much as £3B ($4.5B). The bank is close to a £1.5B-1.8B purchase of a 318-branch network from RBS (RBS), and may have to raise money to retain sufficient capital levels post-purchase.
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  • Jul. 20, 2010, 7:40 AM
    Three P-E groups submitted bids for RBS' (RBS -1.4%) WorldPay unit by yesterday's deadline, with a consortium comprising Advent International and Bain Capital seen as the front runner. The unit is likely to sell for £2.5B-3B ($3.8B-4.6B).
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  • Jul. 16, 2010, 8:40 AM
    Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) says it will carefully consider all options following Goldman Sachs' (GS +4.3%) $100M settlement over its marketing of subprime mortgages. RBS stopped short of saying it will sue Goldman for the remaining cash - an option the SEC left open - but investors have urged it to pursure that route.
  • Jul. 8, 2010, 8:17 AM
    European banks are doing well this morning after European regulators released more details on the stress tests underway. Premarket: DB +1.25%, RBS +0.7%, ING +1.1%, LYG +1.9%, CS +1.3%, BCS +1.8%. (Notable loser: STD -1%)
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  • Jul. 8, 2010, 8:12 AM
    European regulators released (some) details of the stress tests underway. What we know: The tests will cover 91 banks accounting for 65% of the region's banking assets, and the adverse scenario will be a double-dip recession or sovereign shock. Still MIA: Some key details, including what's considered an acceptable capital level.
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  • Jul. 7, 2010, 7:23 AM
    RBS (RBS -1.1%) is preparing to sell up to £3B ($5B) of real estate loans as it continues to shed non-core assets, with further loan sales likely if this one is successful.
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  • Jul. 6, 2010, 7:23 AM
    For the first time, EU officials say European countries will be able to tap an existing €500B ($629M) EU safety net, as needed, if they exhaust national funds on problem banks. The EU's Olli Rehn also confirms stress tests will include " sovereign debt shock in order to reinforce the credibility of results." Premarket: DB +2.2% , UBS +2.7% , ING +3.7% , LYG +3.6% , BCS +1.9% .
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