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RPX Corporation (RPXC)

  • Lee Kronzon, CFA | Send Message 14 Jul

    RPX Corporation: The Rational Way To Invest In The Patent Market $RPXC
      • Lester Goh | Send Message 12 Jul

        RPX Corp: Substantially Undervalued Patent Middleman Generating 70%+ EBITDA Margins Trading At 3x... $RPXC
          • Orion Choy | Send Message 22 Mar

            RPX: Poised To Gain From Near-Term Catalysts, Long-Term Industry Growth $RPXC
              • Bridging the Gap | Send Message 11 Feb

                RPX Corporation: Huge Growth Potential And Competitive Advantages At A Discounted Price $RPXC
                  • Boris Marjanovic | Send Message 19 Sep 2014

                    RPX Corporation Offers A Stable 20% Free Cash Flow Yield $RPXC
                      • Tom Shaughnessy | Send Message 5 Jun 2014

                        $AAPL paid $RPXC $500k to file the IPRs on $VHC.
                          • Tom Shaughnessy | Send Message 5 Jun 2014

                            Go $VHC, $RPXC's IPRs denied. Apple is the real party of interest. $AAPL
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                            • D-struction | Send Message 5 Jun 2014
                              : Go, go , go!!!
                              • Jeff's WaterWorks | Send Message 27 Mar 2014

                                VirnetX Scores A Big Hit In The RPX IPR Petitions $VHC, $RPXC, $AAPL
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                                • D-struction | Send Message 27 Mar 2014
                                  : Let's hope this is the bottom then. Hands getting very bloody.
                                  • Dustin Moore | Send Message 26 Mar 2014

                                    $VHC New PTAB upload. VirnetX requests close of $RPXC
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                                    • pj4272 | Send Message 27 Mar 2014
                                      : Case number? tia
                                    • Dustin Moore | Send Message 27 Mar 2014
                                      : Patent 6502135
                                      • Dustin Moore | Send Message 17 Mar 2014

                                        The Board allowing $RPXC to refile Request for IPR. It must cite the actual prior art, not their expert. Not sure any affect on timeline.
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                                          Company Description
                                          RPX Corp provides a subscription-based patent risk management solution that facilitates more efficient exchanges of value between owners and users of patents compared to transactions driven by actual or threatened litigation.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Country: United States