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SPDR Dividend ETF (SDY)

  • Brad Kenagy | Send Message 29 Jul

    Three Pillars Dividend Growth $VIG, $SDY, $DVY
      • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 27 Jul

        Ignore The Dividend Hype: ($SDY, $VYM, $VFINX, $SPY)
          • Alexander Kurguzkin | Send Message 9 Jul

            Dividend Stocks Vs. Broad Market $SDY
              • Vetr | Send Message 4 Jun

                There's $7.8 Trillion Benchmarked to the S&P 500 $SPY $MDY $VOO $IVV $SPLV $SDY $IJH $SPHD $NOBL
                  • Brad Kenagy | Send Message 21 May

                    Interested in individual stress tested dividend growth stocks instead of a broad basket? $VIG $DVY $SDY $VYM $HDV
                      • Brad Kenagy | Send Message 20 May

                        Looking for high quality dividend growth stocks? $VIG $SDY $DVY Check out my new Premium service on Seeking Alpha.
                          • Ron Honig | Send Message 9 Apr

                            My 4% Dividend Yield Portfolio: Towards Earnings Season, Keep An Eye On SDY $SDY
                              • Vetr | Send Message 27 Mar

                                Consistent Dividend Growth ETFs for Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns $SPY $SCHD $VIG $SDY $NOBL
                                  • Vetr | Send Message 27 Mar

                                    Retirees May Need More Stock ETFs to Meet Income Needs $SCHD $VTI $SCHB $VIG $SDY $NOBL
                                      • Sure Dividend | Send Message 24 Mar

                                        Free list of March 2015 Dividend Aristocrats: $APD $LEG $MHFI $PNR $SIAL $NOBL $VID $DVY $SDY
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                                          The SPDR® S&P® Dividend ETF before expenses seeks to closely match the returns and characteristics of the S&P High Yield Dividend AristocratsTM Index. Our approach is designed to provide portfolios with low portfolio turnover, accurate tracking, and lower costs.
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